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The Father’s Day Gift Guide That Will Guarantee A Smile

The Father’s Day Gift Guide That Will Guarantee A Smile

This is the ultimate Father's Day gift guide you need to get your Dad a gift he won't forget. Whether you're a son or daughter, rich or poor, these are the best gifts both homemade and store bought!

Fathers Day is on its way, and what on earth do we buy our Dads? You want something special because let’s be honest, they support you through thick and thin! ┬áTake a think… What kind of Dad is yours?┬áHere’s the Father’s Day gift guide for every type of Father out there!

Joke Card

Create a card tailored to your dad using chocolate bars! If he’s up for a laugh, then this is certainly for him!

Sports Gear

Does your dad have an after-work hobby he’s really in to? Like Tennis, Golf or something else? Show him you’re interested in what he does and buy him something new for his hobby! Whether it’s a Tennis racket, gold balls or sporting clothes and shoes. He’ll know you really thought about it!


Get The Look:


Your dad probably has a favourite aftershave. Have a scout in the cupboard and see which one he’s nearly out of! This will make him smile, as he’ll think you’ve really made effort with this present! If it’s too expensive, then ask your siblings to club together!



Most Dads love a good bottle of Beer! Head to the supermarket and pickup a couple of bottles of independent beers! They’re pretty cheap. Make sure you’re over the age of 18 for this one and have ID on you though!

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He won’t know it, but his wallet is probably ready for the bin! Get your Dad a new one for Fathers day, sometimes you can buy them in a gift set with socks, belts, ties, cufflinks or even more. It will deffo make him smile!

What do you think of this Father’s Day gift guide? Will you be getting your Dad any of these gifts? Let us know in the comment section below!

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