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The Fashion Bloggers On Instagram You Need To Be Following

The Fashion Bloggers On Instagram You Need To Be Following

These bold summer evening looks are going to leave you looking fine and getting stares from everyone around you. Here's our favourites!
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As fashion trends come and go faster than an English summer it is hard to stay on top of what is hot-right-now and what is hot-no-more. At last, thanks to our best-friend and right-arm companion – literally – Instagram fashion bloggers help us stay up to date with the latest, fashion-forward trends. We told you Instagram is a Bible. With more than 1 million fashion Insta-gals for us to follow, there is no excuse for not being able to keep up with the fashionistas. Here are out some of our favourite fashion bloggers you need to be following on Insta…

Negin Mirlsalehi

Crowned Forbes 30 under 30 Negin is the one to follow for the ultimate fashion inspiration. A part from her luscious long hair, insane natural beauty and beautiful smile, she provides us all (and 4.7 million followers) with the most fashion-forward high-end style we could only ever dream of having. Can we come for a field-day in your closet Negin? Getting to travel for work she helps us find styles from; tropical destinations, elite events, weddings, festivals, at home – Amsterdam – winter, summer, autumn… well you get it… everything. She will become your ultimate Insta-girl crush, role-model and inspo, trust me.

Freddie Harrel

We want it all… the girl that you will soon find filling up your Instagram saved folder with the hottest chic outfits perfect for spring and summer. As soon as you go on her IG page you will be hit with a burst of starburst colours. It is clear Freddie loves anything colourful and printed, which means we do too! Showing her voracious passion for fashion there is no wonder she is loved by so many fellow fashion bloggers, publications and fans!


Felicia A Wedin

This absolutely stunning Sweden pocket-rocket sure knows to style any piece in the most fashion-forward way. Sticking to current trends with the likes of Kim K and Olivia Palermo and any other GIRL BOSS right now, Felicia gives us the best recreated fashion looks we could all try. Going for the more minimalistic, effortless and chic outfits of silks, nudes, blouses and cat-eye sunglasses she gives any girl that ‘I want to be her feel’ – god damn.

Sophie Milner

One of the UK’s best fashion bloggers sure has made her presence known on Instagram. Taking more affordable high street fashion trends and interpreting them in the most fashionista way possible is what Sophie is good at, and just why she is loved by so many of us. If you are after that super cool and trendy inspiration – that we can actually afford to purchase – this is your gal. With an IG theme we wish we could all replicate, a body that seems to suit all styles and voluminous hair we can’t even get at the salon, this girl will soon become one of your fav’s for those ‘I have no fashion inspo’ moments.

Jessica Wang

Not only will this girl bring so much colour to our lives from her dreamy IG page, but she will help inspire you to add some colour to our dull wardrobes! A fashion blogger that will inspire and empower women with fashion we could all recreate is just one reason we love Jessica. A girl that seems to have everything in order and totally bossing life is any reason we need that inspo for our Monday morning travels to the office. Even if it does mean ditching the plain suit for a bright pink one?


Kavita Donkersley

Northern Kavita moved to the big City to pursue her fashion blog and IG, and aren’t we glad she did… the sweetest girl with the most endearing smile and fierce fashion ways make us want to be her best friend. A feed of pure colour, enriched life and the most stylish fashion possible, Kavita caters for all our needs. Giving us pure boss-women empowerment makes us feel we can take on the world.. and look good doing so.

Natasha Ndlovu

Besides her flawless skin, radiant beauty and typical model stature, Natasha provides us with the most stylish fashion trends and looks from the runway – she just walked. A girl that could make anything look good is a reason why this girl is one to follow and watch on Insta right now.

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Chloe Lloyd

Although she has a drop-dead-gorgeous boyfriend, it is Chloe we cannot take our eyes off. Besides her incredible beauty (model of course) she shares her fashion outfits regularly giving us major closet envy. Based in London she provides our eyes with urban chic attire until her next tropical destination somewhere we could only dream of visiting. Sharing both her beach-wear outfits, summer evenings and excursions through deserts and rainforests, Chloe caters us for all our needs… even if it means outfit inspo for a trip to our local shop.

Cindy Mello

Insta famous Cindy Mello surely flaunts what she’s got… it all. Not only is she an international model, girl role-model but evidently a very fashion-lead IT girl. Showing us wherever she is in the world, what she’s up to and what she is wearing is why we are all so engrossed in her life, and Instagram feed.

Romee Strijd

Oh look, yet another Victoria Secret model killing it on Instagram with their fashion-forward ways. Of course being amid the top fashion designers around, they sure prove how it has impacted their style and… IG followers. She brings that ultimate laid-back Cali-girl vibe that we totally love…


Lissy Roddy

Last but not least, Lissy Roddy. If you follow any UK fashion brand or online magazine, I am sure you have seen a cameo of Lissy Roddy, and if you haven’t where have you been? The girl that is changing fashion and even inspiring fashion designers and other fashion bloggers show us the best style to be wearing right now. Say goodbye to your student loan…

Who are your favorite fashion bloggers on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below!
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