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The Eyebrow Trends Over The Past Decade You Need To See

The Eyebrow Trends Over The Past Decade You Need To See

Are you a seasoned eyebrow designer or are you trying to break into mastering eyebrow trends? We've rounded up some of the greatest eyebrow fashion for inspiration!

Eyebrow trends are really important! These features on your face frame the eyes and give structure to your face shape! There is also always an eyebrow trend going around on the internet for us to try. And usually they trends to be a bit…crazy but there are a few cool ones too! These are the eyebrow trends you need to see!

Feather Eyebrows

This is one of the eyebrow trends that went around on Instagram for quite a while. By parting the eyebrows and using some gel for the hairs to stay, you make your eyebrows look like feathers.

Squiggle Eyebrow

I don’t know why this trend was ever created. It doesn’t look that good on the face. The eyebrows look strange and like a snake.


Cara Delevingne Eyebrows

This trend was actually cool! Cara Delevingne is famous for her perfect and natural eyebrows, so a lot of us tried to recreate her eyebrows! Her eyebrows are slightly thicker and natural, as well as darker than her hair colour.

Dramatic Eyebrows

I would say that this eyebrow trend is here to stay for all the makeup junkies! The eyebrows look so polished and GOOD! All you have to do is fill in any gaps on your eyebrows, and just fill them in at the end. Avoid filling them in at the front, to make them look more natural and less like to ‘blocks’.

Barbed Wire Eyebrows

This is another of the crazy eyebrow trends as the brows look like barbed wire.

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Christmas Eyebrows

This trend is especially reserved for Christmas occasions! Your eyebrows will look like two Christmas trees with the glitter looking like baubles.

Glitter Eyebrows

Glitter eyebrows! Perfect for any festival and crazy party! Make sure the glitter doesn’t end up in your eyes because it so painful! This is one of the latest eyebrows to grace the music festival scene.


Have you tried any eyebrow trends lately? Let us know in the comments below!

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