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The Easiest Classes To Take At Canterbury

The Easiest Classes To Take At Canterbury

These classes at Canterbury are among the easiest ones you can take! You definitely want to enroll in this list of classes!

During my undergraduate degree at Canterbury, I studied two subjects. Two thirds of my degree was in psychology, a third was in music. Due to the set up of my course, a lot of these classes I took for psychology only lasted for up to eight weeks. There were a few psychology classes which lasted the entire year, however these was only the core modules for psychology. With music, all of the modules (except for one or two) lasted the entire year. But, because of what I chose to major in for my degree, it meant that I was very limited to what modules I could choose.

Despite this, I was able to study a wide range of modules. During my time at Canterbury, the psychology department offered so many different fields in psychology.  We learned and read the texts, write an assignment, and that was it, we were off to the next block of modules. As for music, from second year, we were able to choose what we wanted to major in. Although there was a lot less variety in choosing modules compared the psychology part of my degree, each module was thorough and gave me skills that I could apply to the world of music.

There are always classes people will say is easier/harder than others. Of course, one class which is considered easy to one person isn’t to another. And of course, programmes change all the time so these courses might not exist anymore. However, here are a few classes which I considered easy during my undergraduate degree at Canterbury.


Key skills

This was the easiest class in my psychology program as this gave each student the chance to learn and improve the skills they were given in other psychology classes. This ran every year alongside all the other psychology modules I took. A lot of the assessments were easy marks as part of the course meant seeing your tutor and just talking to them. A lot of the seminars taught us how to make ourselves employable and finding jobs with the skills we gained. This also involved a constant reminder of creating and using a LinkedIn account throughout my third year which paid off in the long run!

Personal Academic Tutoring

This was a bit like the Key Skills module during the Psychology part of my course, but this didn’t involve any assessments and it was for the music side of my undergraduate degree. As well as Key Skills, this module also ran for all three years of my degree. This was the chance to learn and improve on the skills needed throughout my degree. Although this didn’t consist of any credits, it was compulsory to go. For me, this was the only time my subjects clashed but when I was able to go, it was really helpful when I did.


Practical musicianship

This was another core module I had to do during my first year in music. This consisted of a few modules which always lasts about five or six weeks long which were always fun to do. As there was about thirty of us taking music in our year, we were divided into large groups for the year. Here are just a few that I found easy.


For this class, we were taught methods on different form of improvisation. We were also told to listen and work together as a group. As for the assessment, each group had to improvise a piece on the spot. That was it for the assessment.


Piano skills

During this, we were taught the basic skills of playing the piano. Which is very easy… if you already know how to play or if it was your first study instrument. There were always practice rooms with pianos where we could practice but you had a much bigger advantage if you already knew how to play.

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Psychology, religion and spirituality

This was one of the last classes I ever took at Canterbury but I always loved it. This class involved a lot of discussions about religion. We were taught a lot of famous stories from different religions which we analysed and discussed every other week. The lecturer specialised in dream psychology, and spend a lot of the time analysing dreams.

Although some of these modules may not exist anymore, all of these modules were really interesting and helpful during my degree. I would recommend going to the core modules that are similar to the ones I mentioned at the beginning of this article as the skills you learn during these classes will really help you with your degree.

What do you think are some of the easiest classes to take at Canterbury? Tell us in the comments!
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