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The Dos And Donts Of Travelling You Should Know

The Dos And Donts Of Travelling You Should Know

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Travelling is one of the best things in the world, you get to see how different life is for people from different parts of the world. For some people travelling is so normal, they have a mental checklist of what to pack, already know what to expect and how to experience their trip to the fullest, but if you have no idea what you’re doing then these do’s and don’ts of traveling may just save your life.


Get out of your comfort zone

Many people have no idea where to travel to and the one piece of advise I can give is to go somewhere completely different to what you’re used to. Places like France, Spain and even America are great but they’re pretty similar to the UK, so why not venture out and see what life is like on the other side of the world. Maybe try Thailand, India or the Middle East if you want to take small steps. I know the other side of the world seems so far away but once you start travelling the world seems so much closer. The Dos And Donts Of Travelling You Should Know

Find out where to go

I have to admit going on holiday and just getting lost in everything is good but travelling is so much better when you actually know where to go. As apart if the do’s and don’ts of traveling, you should ask people who have already been to the place if they know any good spots, research the city or country to get a feel of what you’d like to do and what you’d like to see (Pinterest is a great tool for this, I Pinterest the place I’m going at least 10 times before) and definitely ask the locals what is great because who would know better than them? I would also highly recommend just spending your first day there getting to know as much as you can about the place so you can have a rough plan of what you’d like to do for however long you’re there, make sure to ask your hotel for a map because this helps so much too.


Think about the flight as much as the holiday itself

For some reason people don’t think a lot about the plane journey as much as the actual destination which is insane. Here’s a few things you have to know before flying: if it’s a long haul flight then make up may not be a wise choice because it’s not very comfortable, it gets cold on the plane so make sure to take a hoodie and pair of socks, download TV shows or movies or music because you might be in the air for 8 hours and their entertainment system may not be amazing. You should also always take a pen with you because sometimes you are required to fill out a visa form on the plane before landing so you can actually enter the country.

Take a camera

Life in other countries is so different and you do not want to miss a single moment of it so you need to take a camera. Your phone camera is fine too but a proper camera is so much better, even if it’s one of those disposable cameras everyone used 10 years ago that only cost £20. Once you have a camera in your hand you will find that you can’t put it down because everything in different countries is so beautiful. The Dos And Donts Of Travelling You Should Know


Stay in the hotel

Is there anything worse than going on holiday and staying in the hotel room the whole time? No. This is the worst thing you can do because travelling is all about experiencing as much as you can of a whole other world, not just going to a different country and doing the same thing you would do at home. You have to make the most of it even if that means waking up early and going to sleep late because what’s the point if you don’t try to experience it to the fullest? The do’s and don’ts of traveling include where you stay. Even if you’re on a relaxing beach holiday, you have to go out for walks on the beach and find different food to eat instead of just staying in your hotel room eating room service pizza.


Convert money at the airport

One key lesson in the do’s and don’ts of traveling is converting money! Converting money at the airport is a bad idea because they will rip you off like crazy, try convert before you go on holiday because you will need money for a taxi to the hotel. If the airport is the only option you have then don’t convert more than £100 because you will get lower exchange rates in the city. This goes for everything actually, buying things at the airport is risky, duty free and water is fine but things like food or even travel pillows are expensive, you’re better off going Wilko for a pillow and Greggs for a sandwich.

Don’t always get a taxi everywhere

Taxis are simpler but they’re also much more expensive than alternative transport which can be found in most major cities. For example, get a bus in Bangkok (they’re a little scary I’ll admit but they’re 1/8 of the price of taxi), hop on the tram in Istanbul or take the metro in Dubai which is very similar to the London underground just with a better view. You can completely avoid all of these if you walk, figure out how far the place you want to go is and if it’s even worth paying when you can just walk.


The Dos And Donts Of Travelling You Should Know

Don’t drink tap water

I know this seems like an obvious one but I can’t stress this enough because in some countries the tap water isn’t as clean as the water in the UK. So the first thing you have to do is check the mini fridge in your hotel room for water bottles, if there are non then you have to go buy some bottle water, if you want pick up some snacks from the country to try out too.


I hope these do’s and don’ts of traveling has helped anyone who isn’t to sure about travelling, remember to experience everything to the fullest and see how different life is in other countries because I promise you, you will be amazed.

What are some of your do’s and don’ts of traveling? Tell us in the comments below!

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