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The Different Types of Guys You Will Inevitably Sleep With At Uni

The Different Types of Guys You Will Inevitably Sleep With At Uni

The Different Types of Guys You Will Inevitably Sleep With At Uni

Well, it is true that a university is a big place consisting of hundreds and thousands of people. But to be honest, there are only a few types of people you will meet throughout your degree. Guys are no exception to the rule. Here are the types of guys you will end up sleeping with at university!

The One At Freshers’

You will end up sleeping with this guy you met at a fresher’s event. You are finally back to university after a long summer of work/ finally got to the dream university of your choice. You just want to forget who you are for a second and enjoy life. You decided to sleep with this guy because YOLO. Now you kept seeing him on the bus to uni in the morning and occasionally in the library too and it is pretty awkward.

The One Next Door

You and your flatmates have invited the flat opposite for a massive night out to get to know them better. You get more drunk than you really should because what’s the fun in doing what you’re told? You find this guy from the opposite flat really cute, fully giving off that boy next door vibe (that’s because he’s literally, next door). You ended up with him and honestly, it wasn’t so bad. At least the walk of shame was short. You honestly do not mind sleeping with him again because you know, easy access.


The Posh One

The posh guys are one of those types of guys who will appear to be really nice and a gentleman at first just to make himself stand out. After all, coming from an all-boys boarding school means he does not have a lot of experience with girls. You low key love the way he speaks and he is so different from everyone you know. He invited you back to his room for some gin and trust me, it wasn’t Sainsbury’s basics’.

Your Flatmate’s Friend From Home

There is just something about someone’s friend from home that makes them stand out from the crowd. They possess a sort of excitement and friendliness that is long gone in most university students. You find him super cute and you know you will be okay with this type of guys because you will not see him again when he goes home tomorrow.

The One Who Works For The Club

You met this guy because he is a rep for this local student club. This type of guys will ask for your Snapchat and constantly tell you he is doing the best night out at his club tonight and you should go. He is always up for offering you queue jumps and free drinks for you and your friends. You end up liking him quite a lot because who doesn’t love free stuff? But it turns out it was his way of getting people in the club. You’re obviously just one of them and nothing else.


The Rugby Guy

Out of all the types of guys you’ll meet at uni this is the most generic one. You met him at a sports social night and honestly, the whole rugby team was dancing shirtless and you just can’t help looking. Of course, he catches your eyes too and you end up dancing with him all night. You wake up in a boys house the next morning and found out all his flatmates have brought a girl home. Massive player alert.

Your Flatmate’s Coursemate

Of all the types of guys you will sleep with this one is probably the most surprising one. You decided to tag along your flat mate’s physics night out and you were astonished by the beauty of this boy. He comes across an absolute sweetheart and he is surprisingly good in bed too. But now you have you found out that he has no recollection of you at all.

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Takeaway Guy

Out of all the guys you will sleep with at uni this one is the most subtle one. You met this guy while ordering your post night out feast at your local kebab shop. You started talking to him because they were taking pretty long with your order. He invites you back to his to enjoy your kebab feast together. He’s now known as the kebab guy to your friends.

The Medic

Honestly, what is this magic power that all medicine students automatically possess? Maybe it’s the thought of knowing that they will save lives that it makes them 100 times more appealing to you. Maybe it’s the idea that they must be good in bed because they are so familiar with human anatomy. Anyways you end up spending a night with him and you tell all your friends you slept with a doctor.

Aspiring DJ

You met this really cool guy with loose vintage clothing that makes him look like he walked straight out of the ’70s. He gives you full on bad boy vibes and there is no way you can resist him. But honestly, out of the types of guys, you will sleep with at university this one is pretty common to come by. Just like the rugby guys, they are everywhere.


Tinder Guy

You have been talking to this guy on Tinder for a week and he seems pretty nice. He suggests to finally meet up for a drink and you agreed because you like the guy too, obviously. You met up and had a nice time and confirmed that he is not a catfish. It was pretty awkward in the morning because you hardly knew each other. You never really meet up again but yeah, welcome to uni.

So here are the types of guys you will sleep with at some point at university. Comment below to let us know if this is accurate!

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