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The Dad Trainers That Are So Ugly They’re Cute

The Dad Trainers That Are So Ugly They’re Cute

These dad trainers are so ugly they're cute! Get on trend with these chunky sneakers that you can pair with just about any outfit!

Chunky dad trainers are the latest trend and are literally so ugly that they’re cute. The Balenciaga Triple-S Trainer is iconic – and hellishly expensive – by now. You’ve probably seen those Louis Vuitton trainers popping up in your feed, too. Again, expensive. Like, way more than my rent. As much as I would love to be in a place where I could drop half a grand on a pair of trainers without batting an eyelid, alas: it is not the case.

But because I am one of the sheeple who has decided that this trend – the dad trainer – is actually cool (honestly, I probably only think this because everyone is wearing dad trainers now and I want to fit in and be one of the cool kids too), I’ve had to dig around for some cheaper alternatives. On a sidenote, do any of us actually like this trend? Are we just following a stunningly horrifying trend en masse? Or have we finally realised that life’s more entertaining with fun clothes? Am I over-intellectualising this? Yes. Anyways. Here’re my picks for dad trainers that are so ugly they’re cute:

Adidas Originals Falcon Trainer

They’re available in multiple colourways, but this one is my favourite! Get them through Urban Outfitters:


Nike Air Max 95

These dad trainers have a modern feel to them. Shop below:

Topshop Ciara Chunky Trainers

Topshop’s recently launched their own version of the Balenciaga dad trainers. Shop below (at a fraction of the price):


Zara Contrasting Mesh Trainers

Try these Zara dad trainers for a more neutral, subtle look:

Zara Sneaker With Heel Detail

Pair these with a floral wrap dress for a great summer look:

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Bronx Basiley Chunky Trainers

I love how bulky and chunky these dad trainers are! Neutral with just a pop of colour:

Skechers D’lites Trainers

Remember Skechers? They’re back, apparently. Shop below:

Adidas Originals Crazy 8 ADV CK Trainers

For when you want something really out there, these dad trainers are the ones for you:


There you have it! The dad trainers that we love! Which style is your favourite?

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