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The 15 Cutest Wedge Sneakers For Women

The 15 Cutest Wedge Sneakers For Women

Here are the best wedge sneakers for women that you can wear! Whether you like slip on wedges, trainers, high tops, or more! These cute shoes are perfect for anything.

Wedge trainers are not the first thing that you think of when looking for a shoe – admit it! But they should come back in fashion because they are so comfortable and stylish! In this article, I have included 15 of the cutest wedge sneakers for women that you can’t help falling in love with.


1. Trainers by Versace Jeans

These are one of the best wedge sneakers for women since they’re so subtle and wearable! People won’t even realise that it’s a wedge type of sneaker because the heel is not too high and it is hidden quite well. It’s the perfect everyday shoe paired well with blue jeans!



2. KAIA – High-top trainers, Aldo.

This pair of wedge sneakers is a boot style of sneaker. It’s nude with a zipper on the side to put it on easily. This is a classic style of wedge sneaker, which is super wearable.


3. ROXY MARTIN – Trainers, Calvin Klein Jeans.

Another classic style of wedge sneaker. The colour however is a more vibrant pink. This is an everyday shoe, as the lace and the style make it a casual pair of shoes.



4. High-top trainers, CAFèNOIR

The style of this pair reminds me of a pair of converse. The high heel is hidden well, making this style of wedge sneakers for women look similar to high tops converse. Now you can look taller without your friends knowing your secret!



5. D-ILLUSION – High-top trainers, Geox.

This black pair is really classy. I like that there is a zipper on the side of the sneaker, while it still maintains its casual vibe.


6. ELENI – High-top trainers, Geox.

I like how well the white of the shoe goes with the brown of the sole. White for a shoe is classic and wearable with anything. This is a booty type of wedge sneaker with a zipper on the side.



7. RUNNING CARA – Trainers, Liu Jo Jeans.

The wedge on this sneaker is not too high, so the sneaker looks like a normal type of sneaker, perfect for everyday wear. It’s also hidden well so you don’t have to worry about your shoes looking weird!

_L2511E002-A11@138. RUNNING CARA – Trainers, Liu Jo Jeans.

Another sneaker where the heel is not too high and subtle. I like the laces as well, as they are satin differentiating them from gym shoes.



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9. High-top trainers, MJUS.

Nude wedge sneakers are always cute. The material on these is a pink suede and there’s a zipper on the side as it is a booty type of sneaker.



10. SCOUT TRAINER, Michael Kors.

Here, you can see how the heel actually looks like on a trainer. It’s still subtle and the sneaker still maintains its casualness. This is a slightly expensive pair but do look out for any sales!


11. LISA – Trainers, Shoe The Bear.

I love this pair!! From the colour to the style and the material! It’s a greyish pink colour going well with the brown sole, leather, while the style is futuristic and minimalistic without any laces or extra designs on it. The heel is really subtle as well.


12. LEXI – High-top trainers,Steve Madden.

White sneakers alert!! Total white is really chic. Again the heel is not too high on this pair.



13. LEXI – High-top trainers, Steve Madden.

Total black on a pair of shoes looks cool and chic as well. You can pair black with any everyday outfit! This pair, although it is a booty style of wedge sneaker, it has a sporty vibe to it.


14. BASKET BRILLO PLATAFORMA Trainers, Victoria Shoes

I really like this pair as it is obvious that the sole of the shoe is higher than normal! It’s like a platform shoe! The grey colour is really versatile and wearable with any outfit.

_VI211E00A-D11@1315. Lussious Sm – Black, Steve Madden, Dune.

Classic black booty wedge sneaker! This one has white laces though! The material is also leather, perfect for everyday wear with any outfit!



Which pair of wedge sneakers for women do you like the most from the above? Let us know in the comments!

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