The Coolest Watches Under £200 That Are Actually Of Good Quality

Are you looking for a nice watch but don’t want to spend hundreds on one? Well, worry not! We’ve put together a list of watches you can buy for just under £200!

1. Ueno Park, Leadwood and Marble, €199

Holzkern Watches

This watch is made with elements of black marble and rose gold-coloured stainless steel to remind you of the beautiful Ueno Park. The park is found in Tokyo, Japan and is famous for the large amounts of cherry blossom trees as well as it’s Benzaiten shrine. 

That’s the back story to this watches design, but Holzkern Watches have many more different designs such as these. They like to incorporate stone and wood into their watches creating beautiful masterpieces such as this one.

They also have watches that are vegan-friendly, made without the leather strap to give them an edge over some of their other competitors.

If you want something different and cool, then this is your one. 

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The Coolest Watches Under 200 That Are Actually Of Good Quality

2. FITBIT Versa – Ruby and Rose Gold, £179

Currys/PC World

This is definitely a cool watch. It goes one better than just telling the time, it also receives smartphone notifications, as well as monitoring your health and fitness. So you can reply to your messages on your watch as you see how your heart rate spikes because it’s a message from the guy that gives you butterflies. Or you could be dying at the gym…

The watch is also water-resistant and has a battery of up to 4 days. Of course, this watch may not be for you if you are forgetful about charging other items you have. Perhaps you need one of the other watches that battery lasts for months/years.

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The Coolest Watches Under 200 That Are Actually Of Good Quality

3. Frankie Zebrawood and Champagne, £160


I love these watches, they are so sleek and classy but so different from your normal style. Watches are normally metal or leather, but the wood is beautiful on these Jord watches. Of course, this means they require more taking care off, using ointments to make sure the wood stays healthy and beautiful.

You can engrave this Frankie watch making it that bit more personal and cool. As well as making sure the fit is perfect for you. This company goes one further than your generic watch shop, the watch you receive is the best watch for you. 

Get it here:

The Coolest Watches Under 200 That Are Actually Of Good Quality

4. Case Cuff Blush and Rose Gold, £115

Olivia Burton 

If you are after something a bit more classy and vintage then Olivia Burton is a great company to go through. All of their watches are affordable, great quality and beautiful. And this case cuff watch is a great alternative to your normal watch shape, it’s like adding jewellery onto your watch. 

The cuff is removable if you want a more plain watch at times, but why would you want to remove those gorgeous flowers? And if you look closely you can see that there is a little bee in there. This is a big part of Burton’s collection, raising awareness for the love of bees. 

So if you want to support a little bee friend, get an Olivia Burton watch and carry around a bee with you all the time.

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The Coolest Watches Under 200 That Are Actually Of Good Quality

5. Steampunk Personalised Wrist Watch, £69.99

Not On The High Street

A watch with its cogs showing has a certain beauty in my eyes, and the steampunk style does just that. Why hide away the metalwork underneath a plain face when you can see a watch for all the craftsmanship that went into it. 

Also because this watch is from Not On The High Street it means that you can get it personalised however you like. Give it that personalised touch if you want to give it as a present, or even just for yourself. 

Get it here:

The Coolest Watches Under 200 That Are Actually Of Good Quality

6. Cigarette Lighter Leather Strap Quartz Watch, £10.99

This watch is 2 in 1. Its a watch as well as a cigarette lighter. So if you want to look cool when someone asks for a light, then this is the watch for you.

It requires no gas or fuel and is windproof, so no worries about the weather. Just push the watch face aside and you have a lit cigarette. You’ll impress everyone around you and make them jealous that they don’t have a watch as cool as yours.

Get it here:

Coolest Watches Under 200 That Are Actually Of Good Quality

6 watches that are cooler than your average watch and cheaper than £200. You’ll be wanting someone to ask you what the time is all the time just to show off your new watch once you get one of these on your wrist. Comment below if you’ve ever owned any watches like these and what you thought about them. 

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