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The 5 Coolest Hot Spot Cocktail Bars Oxford Has To Offer

The 5 Coolest Hot Spot Cocktail Bars Oxford Has To Offer

If you're looking for the best cocktail bars Oxford has to give, then these are the best places to go out to! A night out in Oxford at one of these bars is one you won't forget!

Order your next drink in one of the 5 coolest hot spot cocktail bars oxford has to offer. These bars and boozers are the sole chance you’ll get to sample a blue cheese martini or a naturally-sourced fruity colada.

1. The Rooftop at The Varsity Club (TVC)

Although all 4 floors of cool inside the Oxford’s revamped Varsity Club deliver the right vibes, don’t miss a trip up the last set of stairs. Where the club’s classic cocktail bar and exclusive photo ops are to be sought after dark.

A spot atop The Varsity Club’s rooftop offers one of the best views in the center of town. Outside heaters and a rain canopy, protecting the alcohol-pouring half of the up-high hotspot, ensure this is an all-weather venue worth visiting.


Tip: Arrive early to watch the sun set over Oxford’s skyline.

2. Raul’s Bar & Liquor Store

If you fancy fruity flavours and high-quality, homemade ingredients infused into your cocktail, book a hangout with Raul. The one-of-a-kind drinks poured here are award-winning and the bar itself bagged a spot on the Sunday Times Top 50 List. Easily making this one of the best cocktail bars Oxford has to offer.


The only problem is deciding which cocktail to order. A Wrong Island Spiced Tree, a J Wray and Ting or a Snozzcumber Buck all sound intriguing. To work your way through the longest cocktail menu Oxford has to offer, you’ll simply have to come back!

3. The Mad Hatter

Tumble down Iffley Road’s very real rabbit hole and into Oxford’s Mad Hatter-themed speakeasy cocktail bar. Here you can attend a booze-fueled tea party with live music, entertainment and treats of all sizes into the early hours.


What to drink, what to drink… Share a teapot of The Tweedledum, King’s Men or Humpty Dumpty or order your own Blue Cheese Martini, This Little Figgy or Curious Croquet, if you dare. You won’t be seeing straight through the looking glass after tasting a few of Mad Hatter’s peculiar cocktail creations.

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4. CoCo on Cowely

Cocktail-crawl the length of Oxford Brookes’ coolest student street, AKA the Cowley Road, for a fun night out in heels, jeans and that top. Cowely Road is brimming with cocktail hotspots. So, when you decide to check out the height of sophisticated student life in Oxford, be sure to pop in on Café CoCo.

The bustling bar in the middle serves classic Cosmos, mighty Margaritas and a stiff Old Fashioned. Look out for daily deals and double doors open all night long in summer.

5. Freud Café Oxford

For the most unusual cocktail bar Oxford has to offer, say your evening prayers at Freud’s on Walton Street. Where Saint Paul’s old, high-ceilinged, stained-glass church has been transformed into a grand, drinks-mixing hotspot.


Steeped in the historic nooks and pale cobbles of Jericho, a visit here is a Freudian slip you certainly won’t regret. Perch between the pillars and trees lit-up out front, or pay your respects sitting and sipping on a holy Homeboy or soul-saving White Russian inside. Savvy students can enjoy discounted cocktails.

Which of these hot spot cocktail bars Oxford has to offer above are you heading to next? Let us know in the comments!

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