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The Bullet Journal Inspiration That’s Perfect For Uni

The Bullet Journal Inspiration That’s Perfect For Uni

If you're looking for some bullet journal inspiration for uni, then these are the best ideas for you! When it comes to layout, style, pages and more these are the journal styles to try out.

If you’ve been told that your time at uni will be some of the best days of your life, believe them because it’s true. You’re starting your life finally with some independence, but not enough responsibilities to through you deep into adulthood, and you’ll make some of your BFFL’s during this time. Looking back, if there was one thing I could do differently it would be, to be more organised. As much as partying and making friends is important while at uni, your degree is vital. Now that bullet journaling is huge, it seems the most fun and cute way to keep yourself organised. If you need some bullet journal inspiration for the perfect uni bullet journal, keep on reading.

Planning by term

While most bullet journals will start with a yearly overview, it seems stupid to design your journal in that way, as you’ll be following the academic year. Why not start your bullet journal with an overview of the academic year, or just of that term. Just like the one down below, you can design it to have an overview of the months in that term, so you have an overview of what is in each month.


A new term means a new timetable! Keep this in your bullet journal so that you never forget where and when your new modules are. Use different colours for different modules and keep this theme running throughout your bullet journal.



Use your bullet journal to keep track of your finances! It’s so exciting getting your student loan in for the first time, but it’s very easy to end up spending all that money in one go. There are so many cute and fun ways of showing how much you’re spending in the month, so it won’t be as boring as it sounds! Here’s the bullet journal inspiration we love for budgeting!

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Weekly view

Now you’ve got your monthly/term view, you’ll need something with more detail for each week. There are so many ways you can organise this, but I like to keep it simple and write a list for each day of what’s going on. Organise it with colour coding and symbols and you can easily see what needs to get done!



If you want to procrastinate some of your revision or essay writing, why not do so by organising a page in your bullet journal about what you have to revise! This deadlines page tells you when the work is due, how much of the overall grade the work is and what the work is about.

What do you think of this bullet journal inspiration? Let us know in the comment section below!

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