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The Best Weekend City Breaks In Europe

The Best Weekend City Breaks In Europe

The Best Weekend City Breaks In Europe

It’s too much to book a long haul holiday but you want to go check out a different city for more than just a day. Your best bet: a weekend city break. With so many options to choose from for city breaks in Europe, you can definitely find a nice little getaway to relax and explore for the weekend. Here is a list of the city breaks in Europe offering a mix of exciting nightlife, picturesque landscapes and trendy town districts.


Amsterdam definitely up there as a great weekend break destination. Despite the apparent hustle and bustle of this city, it is one of the most chilled city destinations in Europe. The city inhabits a multitude of waterways and greenery in what seems more like a city of villages. Not to mention a vibrant nightlife for those who want to party ’till the break of dawn.¬†Amsterdam has something for everyone: from the party animals to the romantic rendez-vouers.


Barcelona is one of the most popular cities travel to in Europe and is perfect for a weekend getaway. Both cultural and cosmopolitan, Barcelona offers a great combination of city and sea. As the hottest tourist destination in Spain, there’s no doubt that you will find plenty of leisure activities to do and sights to see. It’s also great for convenience as you’ll find both shopping and sightseeing alongside each other wherever you go, so you kill two birds with one stone!



Not one of the first cities that come to mind when thinking of a short trip to take, but it is well worth the visit! As one of the less obvious city breaks in Europe to visit, Budapest is very (and I mean very) cost-friendly. There are loads of cheap fabulous eateries and street food for traditional Hungarian cuisine and the people are so friendly, you can feel well looked after. Brimming with culture, there are numerous historical heritage sites to see.


Edinburgh’s landscapes are a true marvel and ideal for if you want a slightly more quiet city escape. Venture to the Old Town for all things medieval and a bit of Scottish history and taste some true Scottish whisky. Capture some of the stunning views of the city from Calton Hill, or if your a hiking fanatic trek Holyrood Park all the way to the top for a truly spectacular view of the city. This is an ideal destination for the walkers of the world, as you can venture around the city centre for the day. Interesting fact: you’ll find a baked potato shop everywhere.

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Prague is a city brimming with colourful and funky architecture. If you want amazingly different and unique sights to see, then this is the place to be. If you go be sure to check out the ‘dancing house’ or the Czech national library just to name a few, and you can see for yourself. Venture over Charles bridge to get a beautiful overview of the city while you’re there for the day. Explore the vivid historical sites of this city for a weekend and you’ll feel like you’ve entered a whole new world.


As one of the more quiet city breaks in Europe, Venice offers peace and tranquillity as a city surrounded by water. It is truly beautiful and perfect for a short weekend break. You’ll find picturesque views in every corner while you’re our exploring for the day. There is a multitude of places to visit, from museums to palaces and villas. There also loads of artistic spaces to check out. You’re spoilt for choice between beaches, lagoons and parks on the mainland.

What are you favourite weekend city breaks to visit? Comment below!
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