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The Best Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life ASAP

The Best Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life ASAP

Sex life is very important, but it is sometimes hard to keep it interesting and satisfying due to poor work/life balance or routine. However, it is possible! Use your imagination and test your boundaries.

If you want to improve your sex life, or just try something new, this article is definitely for you! Here are the best ways to spice up your sex life:

1. Talk More

If your partner does something you like – a movement, a kiss, a touch – why not tell him that? Explain him why you like it too. Sex is not only about sleeping together, it is also about connection and chemistry. Love is all about seduction and charm.

2. Don’t Rush Into Things

A longer foreplay will excite both of you, and is often a smooth introduction to sex. Keep in mind that sex is not a process, and that it should be an agreeable experience. This intimate moment can be easily spoilt by the need to finish the sexual act as quickly as possible in order to orgasm – but this is not how it works. Try to slow things down. Making small breaks will increase your pleasure. You’ll reach climax more easily – Undress slowly your partner, make contact, kiss each other.

3. Start With A Massage

Ask your boyfriend to massage your shoulders and back. These parts of the body are known to be very sensitive. He shouldn’t ignore ‘the hot spots’: when he’ll reach them,  you will be completely relaxed and ready for some more action. Extra tip: use some essential oil to make it even more sensual.

4. Try New Positions

Don’t hesitate to take the lead – it can be very sexy. Be curious and have fun! Introducing new positions to your routine is exciting. It will give you the opportunity to explore both your bodies in more detail.

Also, why not change the space where you have sex? Once a month, do something out of the ordinary : book a hotel room, for instance…

5. Masturbate Together

We don’t naturally think of masturbation when we think about two people having sex. It is a very erotic thing to do though. Delaying sex amplifies the degree of excitement, which makes sex even more pleasurable and intense.

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6. Have Sex To Music

Having sex in silence can be intimidating or weird. Putting some music on can relax both of you. It has the effect of a glass of wine! Music relaxes the nerves. It will add sensuality to your routine.

7. Use Sextoys

Resorting to sextoys, such as vibrators, is an efficient way to spice up your sex life. Fun and easy, they help you to connect to your partner. Discover new sensations and let your guard down. Use sexy and erotic underwear to spice up your sex life: be sexy, be provocative, be you! Open the door to some of your hidden fantasies. A little bit of mystery is always appreciated.

8. Play With Food

Chocolate, ice-cream, whipped cream, strawberries, champagne … Food has never been so sexy! It is well known that chocolate is an aphrodisiac – it releases the hormone of happiness, known under the name of ‘andorphine’. So, get a bit dirty and messy.

9. Sexting

Send naughty texts to your partner to prepare him for the big night. Send something playful, sassy, and yet simple, like: ‘I Want to Rip Your Clothes Off’. Or, if you want, tell him what you intend to do with him.

So,What Would You Do To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom? Let Us Know In The Comments Section Below!

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