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The Best Way To Spend A Weekend In London

The Best Way To Spend A Weekend In London

Whether you live in the city or are stopping in for the weekend, make the most of London while you can! This is the best way to spend a weekend in London!

London: the capital city of England, the home of great food, bars, fashion, and an ideal travel location for anybody ending a tour of Europe or just looking for a weekend break. A weekend alone would never be long enough to discover the whole city, but whether or not you live in the city or are here just on a stopover with some good planning; you can really get a feel for the city’s vibes over a well-planned weekend. So here is the best way to spend a weekend in London!

1. Friday Night

It’s the first night of your weekend in London; the city is still alive, with the sound of cars and people rushing around to get to where they want to go. Tired from the journey, your whole body screams for sleep. Instead of going hard on your first night, instead opt to try out one of London’s many amazing restaurants.  In the city centre, you cannot walk two meters without stumbling across fantastic smelling buildings, housing foods from across the world; Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Thai… any type of food you can think of is just a stone’s throw away. For something more modern, try the Japanese restaurant Inamo; it’s futuristic table top ordering system is super fun and it has some amazing food to try. For something more laid back, try the Anchor & Hope; the pub style restaurant gives you a real feel for the British pub dining experience, without lacking on food quality.


2. Saturday Morning

The first morning of your London weekend, after a quiet night, you’re looking forward to heading out into the city to get a real feel of what London is about. First though, breakfast. Rather than staying in and eating at your hotel, step out and try the latest trend to hit the streets of London: breakfast dining restaurants. The Breakfast Club restaurant, with locations all across London, offers a wide range of breakfast style meals (most of which are served all day), to suit any taste or diet. It has a retro feel that creates a comfortable and very instagramable environment; board games are available to borrow while you indulge in the amazing food, chat with the friendly staff and other breakfast clubbers.

3. Saturday Day

Full from your breakfast, and feeling a sense of anticipation about the upcoming day, what next? Well, what trip to London would be complete without a trip around the city visiting the vast amount of available locations, perfect for any sightseer? Each section has its own unique history and architecture, from the historic to the modern, the city has it all.  There are many walking tours you can take part in: a hop on hop off bus service for a faster trip around the sights, or you can go off alone and create the day how you’d like it to be. If you’re stuck for ideas of where to visit, make sure to read our article: 15 London Landmarks You Need To Visit At Least Once. Take a camera and happy sightseeing!


4. Saturday Evening

After a long day of wandering around the city and seeing all that you can see, your body is telling you to go to bed, but fight the urge; there’s still so much London has to offer. The evening has set in, and what better way to spend these twilight hours than checking out one of the famed shows on London’s West End. From huge musical extravaganzas, such as An American in Paris, The Book of Mormon, Wicked etc., to less flashy but equally amazing show’s such as Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, The Woman in Black etc., you truly are spoilt for choice. If you plan ahead, many websites offer pre-show meals in a range of fancier London based restaurants to truly give you the full west end experience.

5. Saturday Night

After an exciting evening watching the show of your choice, it is time to head back to the hotel for a quick change before heading back out into the night to experience the local nightlife before your weekend in London comes to an end. Start your night in one of London’s many bars, as the clubs tend to not open until later. If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, try Soho’s Blind Pig- they offer a take on the Prohibition era, with a great selection of drinks and cocktails with a laid-back atmosphere. For something with a hipper vibe, try the Doodle Bar in Bermondsey- they offer a creative outlet with a range of different art workshops in a warehouse style room and a variety of craft beers and a wide range of gin.


After visiting your choice of bar, it’s time to step into the club scene and central London is full to the brim with different clubs to suit everyone. If you’re looking for something with a novelty, but sophisticated edge, try Café De Paris; The Cabaret inspired club boats a selection of shows, and different club rooms. If you’re looking for something with a more alternative vibe try The Roxy; its smaller underground dance floor creates a cosy feeling with the juxtaposition of the rock and punk playlist. Wherever you end up on your Saturday night, you’re guaranteed to have a good time in London.


6. Sunday Morning

It’s the morning after your big night out in London and your awake, slightly bleary-eyed and foggy-headed. You’re hungry, so what better way to start your final day in London than with a bottomless brunch at a top London eatery? Lantana in Shoreditch offers unlimited Bloody Mary’s, Prosecco, coffee and a brunch menu item as a package deal; perfect to ward off any hangovers and prepare you for the rest of the day. If you want something a little more low key and refined, try Apero, part of The Ampersand Hotel; it offers some delicious breakfast options in a more relaxed and peaceful setting. Whatever your choice, eat up as you still have a big day ahead of you. Your weekend in London is not over yet!

7. Sunday Day

Full from your brunch or breakfast, you head back out into the streets; the sun shines and you’re excited for your last day. You’ve seen a lot of London, and really feel like you’re getting the London vibe… so why not get the London look? London has some of the best shopping streets in the world, from the colourful Carnaby street, to the mega high-street Oxford Circus, to the designer district in Knightsbridge. Across London there are some fantastic independent and well known shopping brands to suit any style. Markets flourish in Camden town with alternative fashion styles, while Selfridges and Harrods cater to the designer crowd. Wherever you go in London you’ll find somewhere to spend an afternoon browsing some great stores.


8. Sunday Night

The weekend in London has been a busy one. You sadly pack your bags and head to the airport/ train station to head home. The city carries on, the buzz of people and traffic rushing past you. You look from the window and wave goodbye to the city as you depart. Don’t worry though, London will be here waiting for you to return; after all there is so much left to see….

How will you spend your weekend in London? Let me know in the comment section below!
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