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The Best Vegan Sweets In London

The Best Vegan Sweets In London

These vegan sweets in London are the best spots you can go to and grab some delicious vegan desserts! Here are the stops you have to make!

Got sugar cravings that desperately need fixing? Take a look at the list below to find out our favourite vegan sweets in London! And we promise you – no ridiculously overpriced acai or turmeric bowls!

1. Cupcakes & shhht

The Cupcakes & shhht ʻʻshhht’’ is the real sh*t. With a wide range of cookies, raw and baked slices, cakes, bliss balls, succulent brownies and pastries (the pain au chocolat melts in your mouth), this homely little spot in Elephant and Castle certainly is about the ‘treat yo’self’ lifestyle.

And what better way to do so than by ordering their colossal freakshakes. Why choose a single brownie or a peanut butter cookie when there’s a thick peanut butter milkshake topped with brownie bits, drowning in chocolate sauce and golden glitter – there is heaven on Earth after all.  You might not hit the ‘5 a day’ here but you will most definitely hit all the sensors responsible for triggering multiple foodgasms at a time.


2. Zizzi

Trust me, having been plant-powered for almost four years, I have invested a lot of financial resources in finding a truly luscious vegan chocolate tart. Some priced higher than others, but not a single slice has left my taste buds in a full euphoria – too dry, too sweet, the usual date and nut base too overpowering.

The quest for that perfect slice seemed vain and futile until a while ago when the popular Italian chain, Zizzi, introduced a vegan menu. As satiating as theirʻmozzarella’-submerged Rusticas are (especially when combined with the warm bruschetta), there will always be just enough space for the sticky chocolate and praline torte – and it comes with scoops of coconut and chocolate ripple gelato and pieces of vegan honeycomb. Non-vegan approved!


3. Bora,Bora

Run by two enthusiastic Latvians, Bora Bora is a small stall that began its journey a year ago on the sunny beaches of Bournemouth and now has finally arrived to Brick Lane in London to treat the capital’s ravenous vegans.

While now, as the weather is becoming cooler (what happened to the ʻʻwe’re expecting an usually warm autumn’’???), we might have to say goodbye to their Instagram-friendly red/black ice cream cones or vibrant ‘super bowls’ infused with blue spirulina and pink pitaya, the freshly cooked waffles will keep our tummies warm and our Instagram feeds on point!

Garnished in whatever way you like – charcoal ice cream, goji berries, crushed oreos, cacao nibs, flowers to name a (very) few -, this vegan waffle is probably the best deal in the city – £6 to £8 depending on your generosity of toppings (and trust me, the portion will keep you full for long!). These are some of the best vegan sweets in London.


4. Purezza

As plant-based lifestyle is unquestionably on the rise (over 66 million posts on Instagram with #vegan; in June, this number was 61 million), vegans have no problem in finding animal product-free dishes in conventional restaurants, particularly in Italian cuisine inspired spots.

Although this might make it easier to pick a locale when going out with your non-vegan pals, most of the time it also means that you’ll end up paying for the same old pizza or salad the waiter delivers to you every single time.

But fear not, there is a place in Camden  that will make all your Italian dreams come true (Brightoners, you’ve been blessed as well!). An artisan cheese platter, ten different pizzas (sourdough, hemp or gluten free), courgetti spaghetti for those who prefer eating raw, mouthwatering cheesy dough bites, lasagna, calzone and more – one really needs an hour to figure out the order.


But as for the dessert, I have already chosen it for you – the raw creamy and rich cashew tiramisu is better than the real thing. And these are the words of an omnivore!!!

5. Crosstown

ʻʻ#1 British dessert to try before you die’’- Buzzfeed

ʻʻThe humble doughnut like you’ve never seen before’’ – Vogue


ʻʻMy plans for this week: finish and deliver book; eat @crosstowndoughnuts’’ – Nigella Lawson

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If you haven’t got anything planned for the upcoming week, follow Lawson’s footsteps; or if you do have plans – cancel them.


Available at various locations across the capital, these handmade sourdough doughnuts will fulfill all your carbolicios-so-delicious cravings. Cinnamon scroll, vanilla glazed, chocolate truffle, peanut butter jelly, lemon-thyme, coconut and lime, lychee and gooseberry, rum and pineapple, orange blossom…good luck choosing! This is one of the best places to get vegan sweets in London!

6. MOTHER Works

Yet another spot in Hackney to make me re-evaluate whether I shouldn’t just go on and start scanning for a new home in East London.

Although its doors were opened just two years ago, this spot has already won the hearts of the capital’s ever-so growing vegan community. And it’s easy to see why – their wholesome plant-based food is prepared daily on the site with fresh ingredients, 90% of which come from local organic farms. To make this hidden gem everything you ever wanted a café to be,  they are also working towards becoming a zero-waste business – no pointless smoothie sipping from plastic straws around here!


Now onto the best part – food. While many of the treats on this list are pure bliss to your taste buds, the camouflaged high sugar and fat content makes them an agonising disaster for your waistline.

The buckwheat pancakes – ohhh, the buckwheat pancakes… – at MOTHER Works. Scrumptious, nourishing, and definitely Instagramworthy; an absolute win-win. And wait for it – they are served ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!!

Could someone please order me a plate (or two) whilst I log on SpareRoom?


Who said that vegans only eat expensive smoothie bowls? Treat yourself and check out these vegan sweets in London! You can thank me later!

Know any other vegan sweets in London? Let us know in the comments section below! And don’t forget to share – sharing is caring!
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