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The Best Vegan Restaurants In London To Know About

The Best Vegan Restaurants In London To Know About

If you're looking for some good vegan food, these are the best vegan restaurants in London that have all vegan options! Not to mention, the dishes are delicious looking!

When you’re a vegan, finding restaurants that cater for you isn’t always easy. Although you’d think people would understand and cater more for the environment and animals but that isn’t always the case. However, there are some very nice places that do cater for vegans. Here are 10 of the best vegan restaurants in London!

1. The Gate in London Marylebourne

There is plenty for vegans at the Gate due to their global theme which offers a variety of different vegan dishes from all different inspirations all over the globe.

2. Lyle’s in Shoreditch

This restaurant caters for everyone, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian you can always rely on a dish catered for your palette.


3. Gauthier Soho

A dedicated vegan tasting menu, the food here is tasteful and leaves you dying to try more.

4. Pizza Pilgrims in Soho

This pizza palace is great if you’re a vegan, go and try it out. It won’t be the last time that you attend.

5. Andina in Shoreditch

This restaurant is mouth wateringly great, the food is vegan friendly and are created with Peruvian superfoods.


6. Copita in Soho

This restaurant has a daily changing menu which allows you to try something new every time you go and eat there.

7. Tredwells in Convent Garden

This restaurant is globally inspired and located in the heart of London. A beautiful range of dishes with exquisite flavours.

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8. Mien Tay in Hoxton

This is a Vietnamese restaurant inspired by buddhism so it’s no surprise that their dishes are solely vegan based and there is a wide variety of different flavours to choose from

9. NOPI in Soho

This is an upmarket vegan restaurant for those who want to enjoy global foods with exquisite middle eastern flavours.

10. Vanilla Black in Holborn

This restaurant provides modern vegan dishes and uses a variety of different flavours to create a refreshing taste for your palette,  you will thoroughly enjoy.


Are you ready to try out any of the best vegan restaurants in London? Let us know in the comment section below!

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