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The Best Vegan Restaurants In Birmingham

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Birmingham

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Birmingham

With veganism becoming more and more popular than ever, vegan restaurants and vegan options at regular restaurants are also growing in popularity.

Whether you are vegan or not, vegan options can be so wholesome and tasty, but the question is: where can you find these great vegan foods in restaurants? Well here are the best five vegan restaurants or just regular restaurants with the best vegan options in Birmingham that I think you should try!

1. Natural Bar And Kitchen

Located right in the centre of Birmingham (just a two minute walk from New Street station), the Natural Bar and Kitchen is super convenient, whether you’re just passing through Birmingham or you are there to shop or sight see, why not pop in? They have an extensive menu or you can give the buffet a try – not to mention their fantastic coffee, kombucha and craft beer! There is so much choice at the Natural Bar and Kitchen, there is something for everyone.

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Birmingham

2. Not Dog

If you are in need of some on-the-go tasty fast food, it can be hard to come by some good vegan or veggie options. However, Not Dog offers some really good vegan hot dogs, burgers and shakes – not to mention their incredibly delicious toppings. Toppings available include tikka masala houmous and chilli, promising to be super flavoursome. If you are a vegan or even if you’re not a vegan, you really shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to give Not Dog a try – what is not to like?

3. Las Iguanas

You can find Las Iguanas in the Arcadian Centre in Birmingham, ideally placed for a pre-theatre or pre-concert meal. Las Iguanas is not completely vegan, but it has some seriously tasty vegan options on its menu. With everything from vegan chillis, to vegan fajitas, vegan burritos, and their fantastic vegan chocolate coconut tart. It is also just a short five minute walk out of Grand Central and well worth the short trip. Give it a go and sample some of their incredible vegan treats, you will not regret it!

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Birmingham

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4. Grand Central Kitchen

If you are looking for more of a breakfast, brunch or lunch, Grand Central Kitchen has some really wholesome and super filling vegan options. With potentially one of the best veggie cooked breakfasts in Birmingham (just pass up on the omelette to make it vegan), Grand Central Kitchen is well worth a visit and so conveniently placed, ready for you to pop in as soon as you hop off a train or bus! Check out their website to see all of their great veggie and vegan options.

5. Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is pretty well known for its fantastic cocktail menu and upbeat atmosphere, but did you know they have got some of the tastiest vegan options? They do not exactly have the most extensive vegan menu, but what they do have is so full of flavour, you’d be mad to pass up the opportunity to give it a try. I would personally recommend their Chickpea & Callaloo curry followed by the salted caramel brownie (it is to die for!!). You can find Birmingham’s Turtle Bay just out of the centre on John Bright St.

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Birmingham

Whether you’re a vegan or not, why not give these delicious meals a try? Birmingham has so many vegan and vegetarian options on offer, at both completely vegan and non-vegan restaurants and there really is something for everyone! Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any vegan restaurants in Birmingham and let us know your favourite vegan meals!

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