The 15 Best University Graduation Gifts For Her

It's nearly graduation time, which means finding the perfect present for the grad in your life! So here are some of the best university graduation gifts for her that will make her day!

It’s nearly graduation time! So here are some of the best university graduation gifts for her that will make her day!

1. A book dedication.

Have a personalised dedication added to the front of one of their favourite books, this is a well thought out gift great for any graduate book worm!The 15 Best University Graduation Gifts For Her

2. A DIY Wish jar.

Start it off with a wish of your own that you want for their future and give them a colourful notepad to write their own in.A DIY gift jar is a great graduation gift her!

3. Engraved Jewellery.

A classic and elegant gift, it could be a watch or a locket, something you know they would wear.

4. Personalised stationery

Even though they have hopefully finished education, stationery is always a great gift. You could get a personalised silver pen or notebook.

5. A Teddy bear

Graduation teddy bears come in all shapes and sizes so it’s easy to find the perfect one for the girl you are buying it for!

6. A Hip flask.

Everyone needs a hip flask, get one engraved or in a pretty pattern!


7. A Personalised Wine/Liquor Label.

Get some champagne or vodka with a personalised label to help her celebrate on the night.

8. A Charm bracelet.

It doesn’t need to be Pandora, there are a lot of brands with cute charms like Nominations or Thomas Sabo, it just depends what you think she’d prefer.

9. A Money box.

Give her a money box with a small donation, help her save for the next step whether it is travel or a house.

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10. A Personalised mortar board.

They won’t be able to wear it for the ceremony, but it will be a really great memento!mortatr board

11. Musical keepsake box.

Get a musical box personalised for them to keep their degree and some of their favourite memories in.

12. A Compact mirror.

Get a mirror with their face or university emblem and an inscription on it to commemorate the day!

13. A Photo album.

Find some of their best uni pics off of their Facebook and put together an album for them, leave space for them to add their own.Black Graduation Photo Picture Album with Tassel

14. A Personalised cocktail set.

Everyone should have their own cocktail shaker, even better if it has your name/face on it.

15. A University hoodie.

They are so comfy, and it might be the only way you can get away with wearing uni gear after you graduate.uni hoodie

Which one of these university graduation gifts for her are you going to get? Let us know in the comments!

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