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The 15 Best Uni Campuses In The UK

The 15 Best Uni Campuses In The UK

Are you looking for some of the best uni campuses to attend university at? Campus life is super important, and you want to make sure you enjoy where you'll potentially be boarding! These are our favourite uni campuses that are right in the UK!

Picking what university you’ll be studying at is one of the hardest but exciting decisions you’ll ever make. This is the place where you’ll spend some of the most fun, carefree years of your young adult life, so it’s important that you pick somewhere you feel most comfortable in. With that in mind, you’ll be researching cities and degrees; you might not think about what the actual campus has to offer you. If you move into halls, a lot of your time is going to spend living on that campus, so it needs to have everything you need! Here’s a list of 15 best uni campuses, to make that decision a little bit easier for you.

University of Sussex

As this uni is based on the outskirts of Brighton, if you’re living on campus you’re going to want to have it all. Luckily, this campus does. You have a lot of choice in terms of cafes, and they also host world food stands at their weekly food market. There are loads of bars on campus, a Co-op, bank and you’re right next to the Sussex Downs. You’ve got everything you need on your doorstep which is why this is one of the best uni campuses in the UK!

University of Bristol

If you go here, you’ll be based in the heart of Clifton, based around some of Bristol’s best sites. Not only are you spoilt for being taught in beautiful Grade 1 listed buildings on campus, you’ll also have a beautiful view being at the top of Bristol. If you don’t want to go to the many cafes on the campus, just walk down Park Street to a cute café to study in. This is definitely one of the best uni campuses in the UK.


Newcastle University

The campus at Newcastle University is directly in the city centre, so you won’t have to stumble back far from a night out to return to home. Spreading over 50 acres, this huge campus has everything you need, while also promoting a sustainable campus. They were rewarded with a First Class award for their sustainability efforts from the People and Planet University League, and their carbon reduction programme has cut CO2 emissions by 2500 tonnes per year. Go Newcastle!


University of Liverpool

If you want a campus that is directly in the centre of town, Liverpool University would be a good choice. Accommodation isn’t on the university campus, but it isn’t far away, and the campus itself has everything to offer that you won’t need to go back to your halls during the day. It’s also only a 15-minute walk from Liverpool Central Station, making it easier to catch the train to visit your family at home

University of York

This campus university is on the outskirts of the beautiful town of York. If you’re a nature lover, why not go to a university that is set around 200 acres of parkland, which has an abundance of wildlife. Walking around the grounds you’ll be sure to see different types of ducks, geese, and swans, or why not spend the day following the Campus Tree Trail.


University of Exeter

As a student living on the Streatham Campus at Exeter University, you’ll be lucky enough to be living on what the Time’s described the ‘best-gardened campus in Britain’. You can also enjoy the scenery while taking part of the Sculpture Walk, which has 24 different art sculpture on the campus, mixed between being displayed in the open and in University buildings. This is definitely one of the best uni campuses in the UK.


Cardiff University

The main campus is based just half a mile from Cardiff city centre, and holds one of the biggest and most active student unions within Britain. With other 200 sports clubs and societies, it accounts for any of your interests and contains a 1,600 person capacity venue to watch the most popular musicians play.

University of Edinburgh

As a prospective student, you need to find somewhere you can easily do your uni work. At Edinburgh uni, you’ll have access to one of the largest academic libraries in the world on the George Square campus. This library is home to 3.5 million books and 500,000 e-books, so you’ll always be able to find all the research that you need.


Manchester University

Campus life is simple at Manchester. There are 40,000 students from 160 different countries studying on campus, so you’ll be part of a mini multicultural metropolis if you decide to study here. Despite how big the campus may feel, you’ll be able to go around it quickly on the free university bus.

University of Leeds

The campus at Leeds University is one of the biggest in Britain, so you’re guaranteed never to get bored. The uni holds several festivals on the campus each year; in October, the university hosts a creative cultural event called Light Night and in March, members of the public are welcomed into the University grounds to learn about current research the uni is doing, through Be Curious.


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Queen Mary’s

With the campus sitting nicely next to Regents Canal, it’s easy to forget that you’ll be studying in London! This campus is full of the most up to date technological facilities, having an astronomical observatory and a 41-seat cinema, meaning you get the balance of getting fantastic opportunities by being in London, while also being able to escape the city rush.


Loughborough University

With Loughborough’s reputation for being an amazing sports orientated university, it isn’t surprising that they have the amazing sports facilities to match. The uni was voted 1st for satisfaction with sports facilities in the Student Barometer Autumn Wave 2016, as it includes an indoor athletics centre, outdoor stadium and different pitches or courts for whatever sport you want to play.


Royal Holloway

This university campus is something of beauty. The Founder’s building will make you feel like you’re studying at Hogwarts, and the beautiful park surrounding it will make you forget that you’re only 40 minutes away from London. Within the building, you can find The Chapel, which still remains a place of worship, and as a student, you’re able to get married there!

University of Southampton

Unlike many of the other universities, Southampton uni is spread over a couple of different campuses, including a campus in Malaysia. With this in mind, the university has its own blog Life at Southampton, to guide you through your time at Southampton.


University of Birmingham

One of the unique things about this campus uni is the ability to use the facilities at the Media Centre for free. You can use any of the multimedia, audio and filming facilities, or you can sign up for training in making podcasts, media and press and PR training. This is definitely one of the best uni campuses in the UK!

Do you agree that these are the best uni campuses in the UK? Let us know in the comment section below!

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