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The Best UK Road Trip Stops You Have To Make

The Best UK Road Trip Stops You Have To Make

If you're planning a UK road trip, you might not have a clue where exactly to visit. Here are some places you should add to your list!

Going on a UK road trip is certainly on my bucket list, as I feel that I’m so keen to explore the rest of the world that I often forget about my own country. I’d like to make time one day to travel all over the UK and learn more about my origins, and I think you should too – there are some really underrated, beautiful places with plenty of famous landmarks. Here are some stops that I definitely think you should make if you’re planning a road trip of your own!

1. Cotswolds

With the Cotswolds being an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it’s a place you just have to visit at some point in life. Not only is it known for being absolutely beautiful, covering a massive eight hundred square miles, but it’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday. There are plenty of eateries and places you can go for a drink, and if you’re a lover of walking you’ll find that being in the middle of nowhere will definitely work in your favour. Enjoy the nature and take a break from the pressures of the real world!

2. Lake District

The Lake District is another picturesque place if you’re into hiking and exploring wonderful scenery. Whether you want a romantic break with your loved one or a camping trip with your entire family, there are many beautiful cottages to choose from. The Lake District National Park is the perfect place for those of you in need of some peace and quiet, and there are plenty of activities for you to take part in, including taking a steamboat down the lakes or experiencing the famous music festival Kendall Calling.


3. Yorkshire

I’ve heard great things about Yorkshire, and there really does seem to be an incredible amount of things to do there. It’s a place full of culture, and with places such as the Yorkshire Moors, the Bempton Cliffs and the Ingleton Waterfalls, there’s no chance that you’ll be left feeling stuck inside and bored. Even if it’s just a few Instagram pictures you’re looking for, it’s worth ticking this one off the list on your UK road trip if you get the chance.

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4. Scotland

Not only is the Scottish accent something else, but so are the Highlands. If you’re looking to view some more breathtaking scenery or just want to see whether you’d look good in a kilt, Scotland should definitely have a place on your UK road trip. There’s an amazing drive that you can do on the NC500, but if you’re looking for something a little less chilled, a trip to Edinburgh might be more your cup of tea. You can visit the iconic Edinburgh castle or take in the views at Calton Hill, but wherever you go, you’re sure to want to visit Scotland again sometime soon.


5. Somerset

This might seem like a surprising one to add to your UK road trip, but it is the seventh largest county in the country. It’s very historical, with a vast amount of land to explore and beautiful coastlines, as well as being home to plenty of incredible caves. Visit Dunster Castle, Coleridge Cottage or just spend time with nature in areas such as Exmoor and the Quantocks – whatever you do, you’ll certainly be glad that you made the stop.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of places for you to choose from – there are plenty of city breaks you could make too. Which road trip stops would you recommend making? Let us know in the comments below!

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