The 10 Best Tips For How To Cure A Hangover Fast

Dealing with a hangover after a wild night is never fun. If you need ideas or ways to get rid of a hangover, here are some tips for how to cure a hangover fast!

There’s nothing worse than a heavy hangover looming over you after a great night out but what a way to end any week. So Saturday night has come and gone and Sunday morning feels like the daylight must just consume and kill you. Have no fear though – there are ways you can survive this temporary blip. Rest assured that these are the 10 best tips for how to cure a hangover fast.

1. Get some sugar into you.

It’s probably the last thing on your mind when you want to lie down and die with a glass of water at hand. Whereas staying hydrated is important it’s also important to get some liquid energy into you like a secret elixir. Drink something sugary like coca cola or whatever preference you have (except last night’s mixer obviously). The sugar goes straight to your head and calms the next day shakes that many experience. It’s also a bonus if you can’t stomach any food at the moment.


2. Fast food but healthy food.

Stay away from oily and greasy food and try to soak up some carbs, although it may be a no go zone for some this one off offer will actually be a lifesaver. Try move past dry toast and possibly make a sandwich or carbs of your preference. Some also give off a slow release and can also stop your stomach churning horribly with no food in your system.

3. Sit up and don’t lie down.

Although it may be preferred to lie down and slowly sleep your way into a coma, it may not be the best option. Sitting up and focusing on something in front of you can stop the nauseous dizziness and sickness that’s is slowly consuming you. Keeping your head tilted up is the important part of this advice – as lying down can only extend the dizziness. Bring some balance back into yourself.


4. Or just sleep it off.

Sometimes it’s better to make yourself comfortable and go for a nap, hopefully by the time you’ve woken up time will have passed and the hangover will be easing out of the crucial stage. Whether you have been up parting or just simply drinking into the small hours, you’ve probably not had much sleep anyways and the body still does need its healthy amount of sleep required.


5. A nice cold shower!

You’ll probably be needing a shower anyway to freshen up but sometimes a nice cold shower is a shock to the system that can calm you down and its sweet sensation can remove any nausea. So try to stand up and get into that shower, the clean feeling will also make you feel cleaned and ready to get on with the day rather than sitting in somber and feeling sorry for yourself.

6. Get some fresh air.

The light outside may be killing you but sunglasses can be a great hit. Try and drag yourself out of bed and get some much needed fresh air, the colder the better to make you feel refreshed and anew. It’s also a time to focus on your breathing and the self control gives you another perspective of focus rather than on the banging headache and nausea ahead of your hangover.  You’ll thank yourself later.


7. Keep drinking!

Probably not the best advice but can work a treat, after all, bloody Mary’s are one of the most common morning drinks.  So drink up and slowly edge off the alcohol hoping to ease the passage of a hangover, if you have the resources and time. This isn’t advice to keep getting blackout drunk but just to slowly ease up on the alcohol over the day (if you have the time).


8. Morning (maybe mid-afternoon) sex!

One that’s probably the last on someone’s mind but is actually great to release positive feel-good endorphins and slowly takes away that hangover feeling. So if you and your partner are feeling hungover then try to get down and frisky because it may lead to one of the best hangover cures ever and you can have a right laugh about how you both are dying. Laughing is also great to ease the pain of those one too many cocktails. So don’t knock it until you try it!


9. Drink water like it was the last water on earth!

Hangover or not, it’s still important to stay hydrated and build back up your levels of hydration. Also the colder the water the sweeter the feeling because it will cool you down and calm your stomach. It’s also fresh and nothing is healthier than a splash of water.


10. Next time – try and go easy…

It’s too late to reverse the damage from the night before but it’s not too late to learn from it! So next time try and think of that really bad hangover and make it repulse you so that you do pace yourself and watch how much you drink. Even simply making one small difference and eating beforehand to line your stomach or having some water breaks throughout the night can aid you.

Can you think of any more tips for how to cure a hangover fast? Let us know down below!

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