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The Best Things To Do Around UH When You’re Broke

The Best Things To Do Around UH When You’re Broke

The best things to do around UH are free! Here's the cheapest things to do at UH when you are broke. These free college activities are universally awesome.

It’s the festive season and this is the time when students are out of pockets the most. Whether it’s from spending too much on Black Friday sales or just splashing out on Christmas gifts. Students often fall into debt as they are lured by many expensive activities and are sucked in into buying festive drinks. Here are the best things to do around UH when you’re broke!

10 Things To Do Around UH When Broke

1. Watch a free movie at the Forum

The Student Union have been screening festive films like ‘Elf’ and will continue to showcase other films such as ‘Home Alone 2’. This is a free event and all you need to bring along with you are your friends and some popcorn.

2. Visit the Christmas market at College lane

The Christmas market is an opportunity to get bargain items, some handmade gifts for this season. It is also an opportunity to see what items are for sale and have a feel of the Christmas vibe.


3. Go to a free ‘Concert

The Ele-house on college lane promotes up and coming artistes and local bands to perform. You and your friends could enjoy some quality music whilst having a cheap beer or cocktail. There is usually a live DJ playing every Wednesday evenings, this is perfect if you can’t afford a cheeky Wednesday ticket.

4. Meet and Greet events with Societies

This is a great way to meet new people and network. It is also interesting to learn about other cultures, religion or even take up a new hobby. There is usually food and refreshments so this is a nice way to get free food and make new friends.

5. Get involved with ‘active-students’

Most students still don’t know what active students is. It is basically FREE activities organised by the Uni and Hertfordshire sports village. No need to sign up for a gym membership to get fit which usually costs from £19.50 – £27 a month. The activities range from roller skating to yoga to football sessions and badminton sessions.


6. Organise a drink-up

You can organise a small get together in your flat and tell everyone to bring their own drinks. This way, you save money on buying alcohol for everyone and also have a good time without going clubbing.

7. Get a Christmas temp job

The only way is overcome being broke is of course getting a job, unless your parents are very generous to give you loads of cash every month. Not only will you get money, but also valuable skills to go on your CV. You could even land yourself a permanent job if they are still recruiting after Christmas.

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8. Sell your unwanted items

This could be selling your items at the Christmas market if you are fortunate to get a space. If not, there are nice places around the Uni to take lovely shots of your items to post on Depop or ebay.

9. Complete Uni Surveys

Complete a survey to taking part in research for a dissertation could possibly earn you up to £30 Amazon voucher. This will be useful for those core textbooks for the next semester or could go towards buying Christmas gifts for loved ones.

10. Netflix and chill

We all know there is nothing better than staying in your home if you are broke, in order not to get tempted to touch that last bit of overdraft. Watch the latest episode of Stranger Things on Netflix or catch up on any programmes you’ve missed, with a nice cup of tea or coffee and you’re good to go.


What other things can you do when you’re broke AF? Leave it in the comments below.

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