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The Best Suitcases For The Ultimate Traveler To Bring

The Best Suitcases For The Ultimate Traveler To Bring

The best suitcases you should have if you are a pro traveler and like to have your space in your suitcase. These helpful suggestions will make travel easy!

I’ve done my fair share of travelling, whether its intercontinental or long haul flights and I’ve come to realise that the choice of luggage can either make of break your journey. So here’s a list of the best suitcases there currently is on the market.

1. Longchamp Le Pliage Size Large

This bag is the answer to all your prayers! It’s an affordable lightweight bag you can get in all sizes and colours. The hidden ‘feature’ of Le Pliage is that you can fold it up.

2. Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner

Samsonites are one of the most reliable suitcase and best suitcases brands. They’re known for their good quality and indestructibility. The Cosmolite Spinner comes in different sizes and colours.


3. Delsey Chatelet Air Cabin Suitcase

The Delsey Chatelet Air Cabin lightweight suitcase comes in two sizes, but the 55cm version is perfect for your intercontinental flights with Ryan Air where you don’t really want to pay the extra cash to add luggage.

4. Rimowa Essential Lite Check in M

Rimowa is one of the more expensive brands of suitcases, however the best suitcases quality of the suitcases makes up for it. Buy one Rimowa suitcase and it will probably last you a lifetime.

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5. Hershel Trade Luggage Power

Possible the best carry- on suitcase you can get if you have to survive long flights and stopovers. This suitcase has an internal removable battery and an external USB- A port where you can charge your phone!


What do you think some of the best suitcases are? Tell us in the comments below!

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