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The Best Student Meals That Are Easy To Cook

The Best Student Meals That Are Easy To Cook

Student meals need to be cheap, easy and tasty! Here are some of the best easy and cheap meals that students can make right now!

Cooking affordable and simple student meals is a rite of passage for students but with a bit of practice, it is pretty easy. The following dishes are arguably student staples that by the end of your course, you’ll know like the back of your hand, maybe better than you know your degree!

1. Pasta

I am sure you saw this one from a mile off but it is essential in any student diet. There are so many variations you can make and it is so simple. A simple spaghetti bolognese, cheesy pasta bake or even something more complicated like a lasagne can help students stay full and ready to study. The recipe below is for a chunky sausage and tomato pasta.  At the bare minimum pasta requires boiling, draining and the addition of some sauce and cheese. Foolproof really.


2. Stir Fry

Another meal that has plenty of variations and even a complete idiot could cook it. Most stir frying just require frying off your choice of meat and vegetables, seasoning, adding noodles, sauce and voila. Stir fry is super simple and a great source of protein, carbs and fibre. They can also be easily made veggie or vegan with a meat substitute or additional vegetables – just look around for eggless noodles and there you have a stellar student meal to suit all dietary requirements and preferences.

3. Jacket Potato Skins

These are really a ‘meal’ as such but accompanied with some salad or veggies of some sort they can be. This twist on a jacket potato requires a bit of admin but has some very tasty results – and again you can adapt the recipe in any way you chose. This is one of my treat meals because it is probably not the healthiest but it is easily one of the tastiest.


4. Bangers and Mash

A British classic and a brilliant student meal. It has all the key components that a balanced meal should have protein, carbohydrates and vegetables (and gravy!). Cooking sausages is piece of cake, just bang them in the oven, boil, drain and mash some potatoes, boil some peas and green beans and there you have it. For more detailed instructions and a delicious recipe click the image below.


5. Fajitas

You can make these on your own or buy a kit, but there are guaranteed delicious results either way. You can make as much or as little as you like and even share with your flatmates and have a Mexican themed feast. You can have them however you like adding peppers, onions, salsa or guacamole – whatever you fancy can go with fajitas and without a lot of fuss. If you buy a kit then there is usually step by step instructions you can follow.

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6. Soup

Now you can just buy tins or cartons of soup or you can make your own. Whenever I have vegetables that are going to go off soon I pop them in a soup maker and freeze what I do not eat. Soups can be made from simmering and blending vegetables or popping them in a soup maker and letting that do all the work. Either way, soups are a great way to get some nutrients.

7. Pizza

A beloved meal by not only students but everyone. Pizzas can be as easy as popping one in the oven for twenty minutes or you can go to the effort of making your own, either way there are usually great results. You can finish your pizzas with toppings of your choice and perhaps a side of chips or garlic bread.


Have you tried any of these student meals? Is there any staple student meals that we have forgotten? Let us know in the comment section below!

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