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The Best Street Food To Grab In Edinburgh

The Best Street Food To Grab In Edinburgh

We've compiled a list of some of the best street food in Edinburgh. Which of the ones we've listed are your top favourites?

It’s no secret that Edinburgh is an exceptional city when it comes to eating out, with the Capital hosting a broad selection of restaurants serving foods from all over the world. Street food has made a real name for itself in the city in recent years, with exotic and quirky restaurants and street vendors opening up all the time. The great thing about these street-food vendors is their emphasis on authenticity and the inspiration they draw from the countries of origin, often serving unusual dishes which wow customers’ taste buds. I’ve been making my way around what Edinburgh has to offer on the street food front, so here are some of my favourite places to grab a bite in the city!

Tuk Tuk

A bright and bustling restaurant with a mouth-watering array of Indian street food on offer, Tuk Tuk pays homage to the traditional street-food vendors of India who they describe as “road side culinary geniuses”. The Lassis are a must too, with flavours to choose from such as Mango, Lychee and Coconut.

Ting Thai Caravan

Ting Thai Caravan will forever be my favourite place to grab street-food in Edinburgh – it’s just so good! The food even comes in typical take-out style containers to give it a really authentic Thai street-food feel. The Pad Thai is a personal favourite, and many dishes can be substituted with meat, fish or vegetables to suit most dietary requirements.


Tupiniquium Brasil Crepes

“A gluten-free Brasil in a box” – this pretty much sums up Tupiniquium’s serving style in a nutshell, being literally located in a Green Police Box. This street-food vender in the Edinburgh Meadows serves naturally gluten-free sweet and savoury pancakes with a great selection of fillings as well as memorable names to go along with them (‘Marguerita Ta Ta’ and ‘Juliette, Romeo and Coconut’ are two examples).

Paradise Palms

Described as “Soul Food” by the masterminds behind their menu, Paradise Palms offer 100% meat-free nourishing and wholesome dishes which never fail to impress! The food is really reasonably priced and you can sample meat-free favourites such as Seitan, Jackfruit and Tofu, as well as other veggie classics. The cocktails come highly recommended to accompany this vegetarian street-food, especially if you like a Bloody Mary!


Civerinos is an Italian street food and pizza slice bar serving pastas, pizzas, salads and, of course, focaccia. The owners describe their menu as “original, modern Italian street-food taken back to its source”, a statement which is reflected in the simple yet delicious ingredients combined in their dishes. This Edinburgh street-food establishment is great to grab a quick bite!

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Stockbridge Market

The best place to spend your Sunday morning or afternoon in Edinburgh is without a doubt at Stockbridge Market. Here you can sample Spanish paella, Japanese dumplings, artisan olives and of course freshly baked cakes and treats – without doubt some of the best street-food to grab in Scotland’s Capital!


This Mexican inspired street-food restaurant is literally never quiet, serving up unusual yet authentic combinations such as fish tacos and cactus quesadillas! Topolabamba started out in Glasgow and soon expanded through to Edinburgh, offering an exotic alternative to your standard burrito and nachos often found in generic Mexican restaurants around the city. The margaritas are also obviously an essential part of the experience!


The Pitt Street-food Yard

Based in an industrial yard in Edinburgh’s Leith area, not only does The Pitt offer a fantastic selection of street-food but you can also enjoy it to the sweet sounds of live music! Their street-food vendors take up monthly residencies, meaning each month the market have a whole new selection of foods to choose from. You’re sure to find something that takes your fancy as the Pitt always offer a wide array of cuisines! The ideal place to grab some street-food on a weekend in Edinburgh.

What’s your favorite Edinburgh street food? Tell us in the comments!
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