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The Best Sleeping Apps For Your Night Routine

The Best Sleeping Apps For Your Night Routine


Sleeping apps can be a great addition to the phone apps you’ve got on your phone. Those apps can help you track your sleep, look into details of your sleeping phases and much more. As there are lots of both free and paid sleeping apps, today we will have a look into the best ones out there. Heave sleepers, beware! This list is for you. Let’s start:

Headspace (iOS & Android)

Many know Headspace as a meditation app, however, it’s also very good for sleep. The app’s free version offers ”sleepcasts” which are audio experiences (we know, that sounds really cool!) that are each 45-55 minutes long. They’re supposed to help you calm down and fall asleep while visualising calming experiences, such as walking on the beach or chilling in the forest. They constantly add new stories, so you can be sure that you’ll have enough to listen to. It has a free version, however, for full access, you’ll have to pay £75.

Noisli (iOS & Android)

Noisli is a very simple sleeping app that lets you pick from a bunch of different sounds like wind, waves, white noise, etc, so you can create your ideal sleeping soundtrack. The options for you to mix those sounds are endless, really, so you can go ahead and be as creative as you wish, to create the perfect track to put you right into a zzz mode. One important tip: you’ll have to plug it in during the whole night, otherwise it’ll drain your battery! The good thing is that the app is only £1.50!


Pzizz (iOS & Android)

We can’t help but be impressed with those sleeping apps’ names. Anyhow! Pzizz is an app that lets you set a timer for the length of your session, so it can play a lovely combination of sleeping and relaxing sounds, while you fall asleep. The app offers a seven-day trial, so, unfortunately, if you want that good sleep, you’ll have to invest some good £48 in it.

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Slumber (iOS)

Except for having a cool name, Slumber has a combination of experiences to help you snooze faster. Whether it’s more focused on meditation, actual sleeping sounds, bedtime stories or the sound of a warm jacuzzi (we’d personally prefer being in the jacuzzi physically), there’s plenty of options to choose from. Moreover, you can select a certain noise (such as waves or fireplace) to quietly play for up to 10 hours after your main track is finished! That guarantees you a relaxed night of sleep. A plus is that each week, new stories and meditations are added, so you know that you’ll always have tracks to listen to. However, in order to listen to all of them, you’ll have to pay for the premium version which is £32.


Sleep Cycle (iOS & Android)

And because it would be unfair if we only included apps that need purchasing, we left our free favourite for last. Sleep Cycle is one of the most famous sleeping apps out there and you’ve probably heard of it. If you want to find out how you’ve slept in details, then Sleep Cycle is for you! It tracks your sleep patterns and gives you tips to optimise your snooze times. Besides, it offers an alarm that wakes you up gently AND when you’re in the lightest phase of your sleep, so you don’t wake up feeling like a car has just hit you. What you need to keep in mind is that if you’re really struggling with your sleep, it might be better to visit a specialist and not rely on sleeping apps!

As you can see, sleeping apps offer plenty of services to help you maintain, track and improve your sleep. Many of them require a premium subscription but not all! Do you use sleeping apps? Let us know below.

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