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The Best Self Care Practices Post-Breakup

The Best Self Care Practices Post-Breakup

The Best Self Care Practices Post-Breakup

When your heart is aching to the point you can even feel physical pain, self care practices are what’s going to get you through. That sick feeling in your stomach will gradually weaken with time but the most important part of a breakup is looking after number one – you. Your body, mind and soul need to be nurtured. Instead of scrolling through reams of self care quotes in hope of combatting that urge to find someone new to talk to, looking after yourself will heal you in ways you didn’t even know how.

1. Bubble Baths

One of the best self care practices is running yourself a lush bath filled with bubbly goodness. Indulging in a weekly pamper session and using some of your favourite body scrubs and lotions will not only benefit your skin but your headspace too. If you’ve got space nearby to safely balance your laptop, pop on a feel-good film or TV show whilst you relax in paradise.

2. Baking

Depending on what mood you’re in, bake yourself a sweet treat or cook up a meal. The idea may be daunting if being a culinary mastermind didn’t quite make it on to your CV but there are plenty of easy recipes to follow online for whatever you fancy. Throw on your cosies, listen to Spotify’s infamous ‘Mellow Pop’ playlist and see what you can rustle up. It will take your mind of everything and it’s good practice.


3. Workout With A Friend

Spending time with your closest friends who you know you can share anything with is almost unbeatable in the world of self care practices. A problem shared really is a problem halved because you can get advice from someone with an outside perspective who has your best interests at heart. However, when you’ve had enough heart-pouring, going for a run or giggling whilst doing squats together will physically make you feel better too.

4. Retail Therapy

Even though we can’t all follow in Ariana Grande’s footsteps by splashing out on diamond rings and Chanel goodies, we can have a mooch in our favourite high-street stores and quirky charity shops. Treating yourself to something new no matter how big or small will give you a buzz then you can go home and deliver an amateur YouTube-style haul to whoever’s around or the mirror because… we all do it, right? But steer clear of adding this to your daily self care checklist, your bank account will thank you.

5. Start A Bullet Journal

Does fusing organisation with Pinterest-worthy doodles that will guarantee productivity sound like something you fancy getting on board with? If that’s a yes, you have to start a bullet journal. A blank notebook, a pen and a few colours are all you need. It will be the most personal planner you’ve ever had and what’s better is you can use it to implement and track all of your new self care practices. With so many designs and spreads to take inspiration from you can say goodbye to moping around for good.

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6. Cuddles With Furry Friends

Go and give your pet some TLC. Did you know that the vibrations you feel from stroking a purring cat have been linked to reducing stress levels? That’s right. It’s beneficial for the both of you. But maybe you don’t have a cat, you have a dog, or you’re completely pet-less. If that’s the case, there are plenty of pet shelters you can volunteer at with many animals in need of a little love. It’s ironically one of the most selfless self care practices too so it’s a win-win really.

7. Reading, of course.

Finally, we have one of the most common but effective methods of self care usually recommended to beginners. Yes, you’ve heard it all before but have a think about this. You’re lying in your bed at night and you know that person you’re trying to move on from is at some sort of social event and you can feel a mixture of anxiety and FOMO coming on. By setting an alarm for the morning, putting your phone aside and picking up a book, you can enjoy your last moments of the day blissfully unaware in a whole other world.


Which self care practices will you be implementing? Share this article on your socials with any friends in need of a little self love!

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