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The 10 Best Running Apps To Use All Summer Long

The 10 Best Running Apps To Use All Summer Long

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, these are the best running apps that any runner, jogger, or even walker needs in their life. These applications work great on iPhone or Android, and are good on the go!

Running is painful and too tense. But it can also be fun, you just need the right tool. An app is always great to help you out since we always have our phones everywhere with us. Running is awesome cardiovascular exercise, and you should always pair it with strength training in order to see results! Here are best running apps that have helped me in the past get through that wall when running starts to seem a bit repetitive.

1. Spotify Running.

On Spotify, if you go on the ‘browse’ tab, under the ‘Genres & Mood’ there is ‘Running’. Spotify according to your pace matches a song taking into account your preferences. A run now can never be boring!

2. Nike+ Run Club

With this app, there is a community you can connect to and actually make your runs a bit competitive. You can also map your runs, check your pace and record how you felt after the run. It’s like a running journal!


3. Zombies, Run!

I love this app! While running you are actually listening to a zombie story. In the story, you are one of the good guys who save people from zombies. Sometimes you even have to run faster because the zombies are behind you!!

4. Strava

This app is great if you’re one of those people who rely on the running community for motivation. You can join clubs with message boards and follow people. You can also track your training.

5. Aaptiv

This app is great for all my introverts out there! It contains audio workouts with trainers and really good music! You can now run, or cycle, or go on the elliptical with this app and your workout will actually be enjoyable! You don’t need a real life trainer anymore to intimidate you into spinning with increased resistance!


6. Couch to 5K

It’s great if you want to start running but you have to start from somewhere. Following this app, you start running as complete beginner and you build endurance and stamina. You reach a stage after a few weeks when you’ve completed your challenge and you’re able to run 5K.

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7. MapMyRun

This running app is great for discovering new routes. You can see routes other people have run and follow their directions. You can also see and track clearly your route.


8. Runkeeper

Runkeeper has a little bit of everything. Tracking your route, your training, your endurance, your pace. It’s super easy to use as well!

9. Spring Moves.

Spring Moves is best running apps since there’s a twist! You choose the tempo and the intensity of your running, and then you have to match your pace to the beat chosen! The phone is not the one who has to find your pace!

Do you agree that these are the best running apps? Let us know in the comment section below!

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