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The Best Romance Films On Netflix To Chill To

The Best Romance Films On Netflix To Chill To

These are some of the best romance films on Netflix right now that you can chill out to! Check them out for some great love stories!

Everyone needs a good romantic film night. Just some love on the screen to take your mind away from your own lives. It’s why rom-coms were invented. So grab a bottle (or 3) of wine, a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and flop down onto the sofa and binge these romantic films, as they are the best romance films!

Notting Hill

If you want to watch Hugh Grant in his perfect days then this is the film for you. He does his little cheeky smile and he bumbles British-ly over his words and is just completely gorgeous. This nostalgic film will take you back to 1999 and you will love every minute of it.

The Notebook

Considered one of the most romantic films of all time, The Notebook has it all. It has rain kisses, it has forgotten letters, it has a couple split up by class. If you’re a Ryan Gosling fan then take a couple of hours out and cry for Allie and Noah.


P.S I Love You

The hero in this story is dead before the film even starts so you can just watch the lovely Hilary Swank love vicariously through the letters he sends her. This one does take a little bit of imagination but it is a very sweet and romantic story. This is one of the best romance films!

La La Land

Another one for the Gosling fans, unfortunately I do count myself in that. Set to amazing music and dance, this critically acclaimed film is quite new to Netflix and should be watched every few months to make sure the story stays with you. Is love always meant to be? Find out in one of the best romance films!


Kevin Bacon dancing. Nothing else.


Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging

If you’re the same generation as me, then this is your feel sad movie. It’s a classic beyond classic for us and is so cringey can now only be watched when a suitable amount of alcohol has been consumed. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging has incredibly real dialogue and actions and is just a little bit bonkers.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

This classic 90s rom-com is the perfect Saturday night film. It has everything you want: strong female characters, a plot to ruin a wedding, wedding related comedy. It’s a great film and perfect if you’re feeling feisty.

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The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

This is a perfect coming of age story. Originally a book written by Stephen Chbosky, this is the story of Charlie as he navigates his way through 1980s high school, exploring love, drugs and his own mental health.

Burton and Taylor

This one is a bit different, it is based on the true love story of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.  It’s an emotional thriller and well worth a watch. So sit back with the popcorn and enjoy a true love story. This is one of the best romance films!

When Harry Met Sally

If you want a film that spans across time and involves a perfect orgasm, then look no further. When Harry Met Sally is an inspirational film for so many reasons but does include one of the greatest female characters in a romantic film. Sally is hardy and strong and such a great character.


Maid In Manhattan

This is the story of a born and bred New Yorker accidentally getting a taste of the good life. A maid in a Manhattan hotel, she tries on an expensive outfit left by one of the guests and accidentally meets a rich man who likes her borough attitude. It’s a great film that shows the New York divide and the power of one expensive outfit.

What do you think are the best romance films on Netflix? Tell us in the comments!
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