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The Best Ripped Topshop Jeans For Your Closet

The Best Ripped Topshop Jeans For Your Closet

You won't ever go back after seeing these ripped topshop jeans! These denim pants range from mom jeans, black jeans, moto, and more!

Ripped Jeans – the staple in most fashionistas wardrobes. Topshop, arguably, is one of the top high street stores… so, what do you get if you put them both together? The ultimate ripped Topshop jeans list that you NEED in your closet!




1. MOTO Busted Knee Ripped Blue Hayden Jeans – £ 42

These boyfriend style Topshop jeans have a relaxed fit, and look perfect rolled up at the bottom. Paired with a grey baggy jumper and white converse, this would be the perfect dress down outfit.

2. Petite High Waisted Ripped Jamie Jeans – £42

These skinny blue Topshop jeans are the perfect casual pair. Team them with a slouchy t-shirt and some trainers and you have the perfect off duty look.


3. MOTO Mid Blue Ripped Mom Jeans – £42

Mom jeans are making a come back from the 80’s and we love them! To dress these Topshop jeans up, add a cute blouse and some block heels.


4. MOTO Black Super Ripped Leigh Jeans – £42

Every girl needs a pair of black skinny jeans in her wardrobe, they are just a staple! These super ripped pair of Topshop jeans are perfect for those transitioning into wearing ripped jeans, just pair with a crop top and some chunky boots.

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5. Scratch Rip Knee Mom Jeans By Ragged Priest – £65

These mom jeans are for the daring, the huge rips and high waist make this pair of jeans perfect for a casual look. Team them with a cami and trainers.

6. Moto Blue Ripped Lucas Jeans – £45

These blue ripped jeans are the perfect day pair to team with flats and cute blouse.


7. Moto Cheeky Rip Hayden Boyfriend Jeans – £46

If you love ripped jeans then this pair will be your new best friend, with bigger rips all up the leg. Pair these oversized boyfriend jeans with chunky heeled sandals and a black blouse.

What are some of your favourite ripped Topshop jeans? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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