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The Best Responses To Taylor Swift’s New Single ‘ME!’

The Best Responses To Taylor Swift’s New Single ‘ME!’

The Best Responses To Taylor Swift's New Single 'ME!'

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll likely know that Taylor Swift recently released the first single from her as yet untitled seventh album. After teasing her fans on Instagram for a few weeks, Ms. Swift dropped ME! co-starring Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie, and people went wild! The bubblegum pop song, along with the accompanying video clip, gave fans a taste of her new sound (a massive departure from 2017’s reputation), and Taylor’s Swifties gave the Internet some fantastic responses to the song in return. Check out some of our favourites below!

1. This tweet that recognises the old Taylor is still very much alive and well.

2. This Tumblr post that knows how cool Taylor Swift is.


3. This tweet that is too relatable for all Swifties.

4. This behind the scenes video from the ME! music video shoot.

5. This tweet that recognises a rainbow queen.


6. This potentially shady Instagram story about snake jewellery from Kim Kardashian posted around the time ME! was dropped.


The Best Responses To Taylor Swift’s New Single ‘ME!’

7. This tweet that reminds us how much fun spelling is.


8. This gifset that knows how confused we all are trying to connect Taylor’s clues.

9. And this Tumblr post that calls us on for counting the holes in the fence.

10. AND this post that knows we’re all on the wrong track.


11. This tweet that knows what all girls really want.

12. This tweet that doesn’t forget Taylor’s yeehaw roots.

13. This tweet that knows what is going on in all Swifties’ heads right now.


14. This tweet that recognises Meredith and Olivia’s contributions to film.

15. This tweet calling Tay out for being an outfit repeater.

16. This tweet that knows we’re all going to go broke on this tour.


17. This tweet from Blake Lively showing love for her pal.

18. And this post from NSW Police, who are far bigger Swifties than anyone knew.

The Best Responses To Taylor Swift’s New Single ‘ME!’

19. This guy rocking Taylor’s new merch.


20. This Tumblr post that accurately describes how Swifties are feeling about Taylor posting on the reg again.


21. This gifset that celebrates a sassy, angry baby.

22. This picture that perfectly captures our simultaneous excitement and fear for what TS7 will bring.


23. This photo that just gets me.

24. This Tumblr post calling out fake fans.

25. This Tumblr post that understands how Benjamin Button must be feeling.

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26. And this one that makes us pretty jealous of him.

27. AND this call out post for Taylor.


28. This Onion headline that knows the truth behind that Billboard Awards entrance.

The Best Responses To Taylor Swift’s New Single ‘ME!’

29. And this tweet about poor Tahani Al-Jamil, who hasn’t been this upset since her good friend Taylor was rudely upstaged by her other friend Kanye, who was defending her best friend, Beyoncé.

30. This behind the scenes look at Brendon’s BBMA entrance.


31. This Tumblr post that knows I keep singing the wrong words.

32. This post that knows we’re all exhausted from looking for clues.

33. This photo direct from Meredith and Olivia.


34. This amazing thread that recognises what a cool chick Taylor is.

35. This fan who went to creative means in getting people to stream ME!

36. This post about Becky that has me screeching.


37. This tweet that has us concerned f0r the 1989 birds.

38. And this reminder never to forget the holes in the fence.

What did you think of Taylor Swift’s ME!? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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