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10 Of The Best Places To Shop Vintage You Need To See

10 Of The Best Places To Shop Vintage You Need To See

Here are the best vintage places you need to shop if you think vintage fits your style. These shops will make these styles easy to find.

Finding a vintage store in a city is like trying to find a needle in a haystack nowadays. They’re dwindling in numbers which means more than ever the clothing found in these stores is one of a kind, sometimes designer and an absolute diamond of a piece to have in your wardrobe. But as these places are disappearing here are 10 of the Best Places to go vintage shopping so you don’t have to hunt them down.

1. Braderie, Leamington Spa

Leamington Spa is a beautiful little town in the middle of the UK and has a vintage shop tucked away just off the high street. Braderie is actually one of three vintage clothing shops, but the one in Leamington Spa hosts a large selection of fantastic denims – from shorts to dungarees – as well as some great Barbour jackets. Not to mention it’s one of the only vintage stores in Leamington Spa so it’s the perfect place to go shopping for vintage.

2. COW, Birmingham

Birmingham is pretty good for shopping. What with the Bullring, Selfridges and the city centre, it’s a great place to shopping. However, it’s also got a great vintage emporium by the name of COW where you can procure all kinds of vintage clothes and accessories. It’s massive in terms of space and stock and would take hours to go routing through, but luckily it’s got everything in it’s place so you know exactly where you want to go depending on what you’re looking for. They don’t stock anything in particular but that why it’s definitely one of the great places for vintage shopping.


10 Of The Best Places To Shop Vintage You Need To See

3. Armstrong & Sons, Edinburgh

Easily one of the best places to shop vintage, Armstrong & Sons has three stores within the Scottish Capital, Edinburgh. Armstrong’s as it’s more commonly known, has a wide selection of vintage from kilts to cashmere, and even military wear. They also have their own tote bags which are great if you plan on buying a lot. The staff are as friendly as they come and have a great knowledge of style and vintage so if you get stuck, don’t hesitate to ask them. This store is a personal favourite and is a fantastic place to shop vintage.

10 Of The Best Places To Shop Vintage You Need To See


4. Beyond Retro, Brighton

You only need to look at the Beyond Retro website to gage just how brilliant their vintage collections are, but their store in Brighton is a treasure trove (a rather large one) of anything and everything vintage. What with the amount of Levi’s 501, the selection of t shirts and their amazing array of bags, it’s the place to be in terms of vintage shopping. But once again, this isn’t the only store. You can go to Soho, Brick Lane and there’s even one in Stockholm. Do you need more proof that this is a key place to be shopping for vintage?10 Of The Best Places To Shop Vintage You Need To See

5. The Vintage Emporium, Hereford

The Vintage Emporium in Hereford might look small for the outside, but this store has a second floor, two hidden rooms in the back and of course all you could want when you first walk in. They don’t just specialise in clothing, they also have brilliant antiques and books. Not only that but they sell online at their Depop shop and their Ebay shop, so if you see something you like and regret not buying it, don’t fret! You can always get it online.

6. Rokit, London

Another with more than one store to go to, Rokit has four different stores in London. With a great deal of stock and an online store, you can go clothes hunting hands on or simply do it online. Be careful though, as the great thing about Rokit is a lot of their stuff is one of kind, which means it goes super fast so once you’ve got your eye on something, you better snap it up. With friendly staff, and a lovely selection of jewellery (hard to find nowadays), Rokit is a great place to shop for all your vintage needs.


7. Retro Rehab, Manchester

This one prides itself on it’s selection of women’s vintage clothing and boy, does it have an amazing selection. It’s small but has an Instagram worthy front, which is worth taking a picture of before leaving and why not follow them because the Retro Rehab Insta is full of all their freshly curated vintage clothing, so it’s just ready and waiting to be purchased. If you’re ever in Manchester, make sure to go vintage shopping here.

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10 Of The Best Places To Shop Vintage You Need To See


8. William Vintage, London

Let me start off by saying that this one is NOT cheap. They have dresses here for 11k and upwards, but this is because it is a haute couture vintage and sells designer in abundance. It’s an incredible shop just to step in and have a look through, but you don’t have to give an arm and a leg for everything in there. They do have items for five hundred pounds or less and sometimes it’s just great to look at the vintage Gucci that their stocking, purely for enjoyment. But if you’ve got the cash to splash, I highly recommend shopping vintage here.

9. Jemporium Vintage, Cambridge

Jemporium specialises in streetwear and a lot of their looks like the kind of stuff you see models wearing, and then you can’t help wondering where they got it from. Well, Jemporium is the answer to that question. Another vintage shop with an Instagramable outside, the interior is just as special and the price is super affordable – much more than the last. If you’re ever in Cambridge, why not pop in and see the best vintage streetwear they have to offer.

10. What Alice Found, Bournemouth

What Alice Found is an incredible place to shop vintage. It’s kooky but still stylish and not only does it stock clothes, it stocks some amazing vintage antiques – like a vintage copy of Alice Through The Looking Glass now, unfortunately, out of stock – and sticks to the quirkiness of Alice Through The Looking Glass in it’s collections. I don’t know what else to say about this amazing store, except to definitely check it’s website and to one hundred percent shop there for anything and everything vintage.


10 Of The Best Places To Shop Vintage You Need To See

Have you shopped at other vintage emporiums that aren’t on the list? Comment them below!

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