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The Best Places To Go In Warsaw

The Best Places To Go In Warsaw

The Best Places To Go In Warsaw

Warsaw is an amazing city with a diverse architecture and beautiful relics. Since it’s my hometown I know it like the back of my hand and know all the best places to go in Warsaw to make the most out of your experience there! This is why I created a list of places you have to visit when you find yourself in the capital city of Poland!

1. Old Town

A walk around the Old Town is a must when you’re in Warsaw for the first time. It’s beautiful during the day with all the colourful buildings and warm smells of polish cuisine, and breath-taking at night when all the lights are flickering.


2. Castle Square

When you find your way to the picturesque Old Town, you will also get to Castle Square. There you get a chance to look at the Royal Castle, maybe go inside if you have a moment. However, even if it’s just to have a brief walk, definitely chose this as your destination!

3. University of Warsaw Library: The Garden on the rooftop

This is probably one of my favourite places to go in Warsaw, especially in the summertime, to hang around with friend or have some peaceful moment with a book. The Garden is open for everyone for free and the view is totally worth going up the stairs!

4. Copernicus Science Centre

This is unfortunately quite an expensive place to be, but if you go, you are not gonna regret it. Not only is it a lot of fun, you can also learn a ton! It’s great for kids to have them occupied for  long time, but I can assure you, you will have a blast no matter your age! It is also really easy to get to, because there is underground station right next to it.


5. Multimedia Fountain Park

The best place to go in Warsaw especially in the summertime when it’s warm outside! During the weekends there are free shows, that are great to watch with a pint with some friends around. They are spectacular with great music and a bunch of colours. During the day they are also great to walk around or sit near the water.

6. Palace of Science and Culture

When you think of Warsaw, you probably immediately picture the Palace of Science and Culture. It’s a must to see when you’re here, but let’s be honest – it’s so big you won’t miss it. A perfect background for cool Instagram pictures to show your friends you were in Poland!


7. Warsaw Zoo

A great spot to walk around and talk with friends while having a pleasure of seeing various animals and taking cute selfies with them. You can also get some cotton candy to make the experience even better!

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8. Mazowiecka Street

A place in Warsaw during the night, when you want to party but you don’t know where to start. There are a ton of clubs on this street, so you’ll definitely find something that suits you, when it comes the type of music or the type of people that show up there!

9. Vistula River Beach

The best place to go in Warsaw for teenagers when they want to hang around with friends. During the day you can lay around, get some sun and relax,  and during the night you can have a bonfire and a few drinks.


10. Lazienki Park

The last place to go in Warsaw on this list is Lazienki park. There are a lot of beautiful parks to walk around in my city, but this one has to be my favourite. It’s a perfect stop for walks anytime of the year!

Have you ever been to Warsaw? What other places to go in Warsaw do you recommend? Let us know in the comments down below!

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