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The Best Place To Cry On Campus According To Your Zodiac

The Best Place To Cry On Campus According To Your Zodiac

The Best Place To Cry On Campus According To Your Zodiac

University is hard, as is life, which leads itself to the inevitable breakdown in the bathroom, bedroom, or just about anywhere on campus. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta let it out.

If you’re looking for somewhere to cry on campus, well, we’ve got some ripper ideas for you. And how do we know the perfect place for you to cry? Astrology.

Read on to find your perfect place to cry according to your Zodiac sign.


1. Aries, In The Library

As Zodiac leader, Aries signs are bold and ambitious. With a knack for diving headfirst into their problems, they are most likely to be found getting things done.

At uni, that means studying. And studying at uni equals five-page essays equals tonnes of research equals inevitable breakdown. Aries will find a quiet corner to cry out their frustrations, then get back into it once they’re done.

2. Taurus, In A Group Meeting

Because Taurus signs are stubborn, and like to plough ahead until they can plough no more, you’ll never catch these guys crying. At least until something (or someone) gets in their way.


Then it all comes out.

If that meeting for your group assignment has led to no work getting done, and the presentation is due to start in ten minutes, well – that’s about the perfect time to lose your shit and just let it all out. Who cares if the group doesn’t understand why you’re yelling about the third-grade teacher who failed you on a maths test one time?

3. Gemini, In A Guest Lecturer’s Class

With the ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes, Gemini signs can generate a lot of empathy. This is both fuel to their curiosity, and allows them to sympathise with the many different people around them.


If you see someone crying during the guest lecturer’s story of how they survived Everest despite all the odds, it’s probably empathetic tears. They might not last long though, before they’ve moved on to a different point of view.

4. Cancer, In Their Bedroom

As someone who feels the highs and lows of life more deeply than most, Cancer signs can have moods that plummet if someone so much as pinches a little butter (hyperbole, guys – chill).

These signs love to wallow in their emotions, and where else is better to feel sorry for yourself than curled up in bed, listening to Evanescence’s ‘My Immortal’, pretending that you’re at the emotional climax of your own teen drama.


5. Leo, At Their RA Meetings

Leo being a sign who likes things to revolve around them, they love to command the space in the most dramatic way possible.

Where’s better than the fortnightly RA meeting with your housemates? All their fellow students will be there, and it’s supposed to be a place to air dirty laundry right? So why not have a breakdown over someone stealing your cutlery in full view of everyone?

6. Virgo, In The Car

As someone who has to control their environment, be rational and practical about all aspects of their life, who has time for a breakdown?


These signs can multitask. Need to cry, but also need to go grocery shopping in between your classes? Virgo can, and will, utilise that small, private window in the car to have their breakdown.

7. Libra, In The Toilet

These signs are not pushovers – but they are sweethearts who dislike conflict. Therefore, they can be found sneaking off the bathroom while Leo blows their lid at their housemates.

They want to escape the drama as quick as they can, and would rather die than bother someone else with how upset conflict makes them – where’s more private than the toilet? It even as paper there to blow your nose on.


8. Scorpio, Somewhere Far Away

Scorps never break. Or so they want everyone to think.

Although Scorpio signs are generally more reserved, and shirk emotional displays, they will drive to a little-known lookout on the other side of town just to have a breakdown. Loud music in the car, sobbing to ‘How To Save A Life’ by The Fray – it’s their moment to be dramatic AF.

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And by ten p.m., they’ll be back on campus without anyone ever suspecting a thing. They are the only sign who refuse to cry on a crowded campus where anyone might see them.

9. Sagittarius, After Storming Out Of Class

Sagittarius signs know what they want, say what they want, and usually, don’t regret it. But if they do, they sure as hell won’t let it be done in front of others.

Once they’re outside of that controlled environment, you can be damn sure the dam will break. But it’s gotta be released at some point, and Sags ain’t ones to hold back more than they want to.


10. Capricorn, In Front Of The Class

The ambitious social climber, Capricorn likes to shed tears when it works in their favour. Crying to a lecturer to get that extension? Done. Shedding a tear in front of the class while they talk about the state of the eco-system? Dusted.

Basically, any breakdowns that get them brownie points are A-Okay.

11. Aquarius, In The Shower

Avoiding messy emotional displays are par for the course with Aquarius sign, and where better to disguise tears than in the shower?


What do you mean I’m crying? It’s just the water. That squeaky crying sound? Yeah, just bad pipes.

12. Pisces, Anywhere

Pisces are one of the most empathetic signs. When one is attuned to others’ emotions just as much as their own, the stress can pile on. Especially with assignments coming at you left and right, due dates for quizzes, and the ever-mounting debt waiting for you after graduation.

Pisces signs can be rather introverted, but that doesn’t mean they’re afraid to cry a little in front of others – in class, in the hall, in the carpark, or at the bar. A midnight breakdown in the dirty bathroom of your university’s local club is always a classic Pisces spot to cry.


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