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The Best Multicolour Nails You Can Rock This Season

The Best Multicolour Nails You Can Rock This Season

The Best Multicolour Nails You Can Rock This Season

Not that you can’t rock multicolour nails during the whole year but it feels like there’s just something more special about the warm months and how you can literally dress up in the brightest colour possible and no one would notice or mind. And of course, the same goes for the nails. We’re giving you a few ideas about multicolour nails and we’re sure you’re gonna love them. Get some inspiration for your next nail appointment now!

Rainbow nails

Are you feeling comfortable and confident enough to get those rainbow multicoloured nails? The colours are actually quite cute and nothing that bright, in terms of strength of the nail colour. We add it to our wish list now!

A brighter rainbow

Okay, our second idea is for those who are slightly braver in terms of colourfulness. The rainbow nails vol. 2 is just the rainbow nails vol. 1 but brighter. But that doesn’t make them less awesome. Be fierce!


Green nails

Although this idea isn’t fully ”multicolour”, we still love it because it incorporates two lovely colours – dark green and nude. It reminds us of a dark, mysterious forest.


Again, we’re allowing ourselves to slightly drift away from the topic, as those nails don’t really require a second colour unless we count those purple dots as a colour. They’re incredibly cute and just look like the type of nails a forest fairy would have!

Crazy nails

We really couldn’t think of a more proper name for those multicolour nails because they really ARE multicolour. They have so many colours that we aren’t even sure how many are there. But anyway, they’re still 10/10 for the upcoming summer nights.


Space nails

If you feel like you still aren’t fully prepared for those weirdly mature and conservative (joking!) nails above, we are suggesting to you the SPACE NAILS. Multicolour, space-y and ideal for every fan of Interstellar.

Palm nails

Bouncing back to the rather normal nails, the palm nails are the perfect beach nails for when you’re going on a holiday, surfing and enjoying the sun. Or just any particular activity you might be up to, really…

The OG of multicolour nails

If you’re a rather ”go hard or go home” kinda girl, then be our guest and get inspiration from the most complicated pair of nails we’ve seen, probably, ever. But they’re still amazingly awesome, though. Just be careful not to sneeze while you are at the nail tech.


A subtle rainbow

Remember our rainbows at the beginning of the list? Well, this third version of them is a subtle one, which looks very cute and not as obvious as the other two.

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Space nails vol. 2

Well, as the rainbows have their dedicated three inspo ideas, we thought we’ll give the space theme a second chance too. This one isn’t as ”childish” as the previous one and might be a really good (and unexpected) accessory or a finishing touch of your outfit.


Night nails

For night owls.

We aren’t sure at this point

Seriously, how the hell are we supposed to give these nails a name? Well, I personally, have no fricking idea what to call them because they’re all over the place. But if you like all over the place things, be my guest sister, and give those a try!

So, do you feel inspired by our amazing ideas? We hope so. Go ring your nail technician now and let them know you’ve got a fantastic idea for your nails. And remember, take care of your nails! They love you.


What are your thoughts on your multicolour nails suggestions? Please let us know below!

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