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The Best Mother’s Day Ideas Your Mum Will Really Appreciate

The Best Mother’s Day Ideas Your Mum Will Really Appreciate


Mother’s Day is the prime time to show your mum just how much you love her. She’s incredible year-round and you might not let her know that often enough.

‘Mother’s day ideas’ will probably be Googled thousands of times in the month run-up to the big day. People are always looking for new and innovative ideas but, realistically, the classics are the best.

So here are some Mother’s Day ideas to make your mum’s day extra special this year.


1. Cook a meal

Gifts that require some effort are always more welcome than just going out an buying something. Try cooking her a meal. It doesn’t have to be complicated and require 300 different herbs and spices but she’ll love that you’ve tried. Plus, it means she doesn’t have to cook for herself and can have a bit of downtime.

Check out 35 Easy Dinners to Make for Mom on Mother’s Day for some ideas you might want to try (though their idea of ‘easy’ is questionable).

2. Bake a cake

Cooking is an art. Baking is a science.


If you’re no artist, find a cake recipe and give baking a go. Again, it doesn’t have to be anything complicated but it’s the thought that counts. Everyone loves cake, right?

Lots of Mother’s Day cake ideas are pink and fruity. They generally look typically feminine so recipes are easier to come by if your mum likes pink. It’s worth checking out Pintrest and Instagram for inspiration if you’re not normally a baker because there are plenty of gorgeous ideas to pick from.

3. Afternoon Tea

Whether you have the skills to make it, you buy the individual foods in, or you go to a cafe or restaurant, afternoon tea is a MUST. There’s something so civilised about it that you can’t not love.


If you’re going to try and make the meal yourself, head to the BBC Good Food website and check out some of their afternoon tea recipes. There are plenty to choose from, ranging from basic to fancy enough to serve to the Queen.

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4. Homemade vouchers

You probably made some of these as a child but you should definitely do it again. Homemade vouchers leave you open to so many ways of adding the personal touch. They can be bought, printed or even hand-drawn and coloured. Things like ‘clean the bathroom’ and ‘breakfast in bed’ will probably make your mum happy and make this a great Mother’s Day idea.


5. A day out

Mum’s want nothing more than to spend time with their children. Clear your day and let her pick what you do. It could be a spa day or a trip to a stately home. Whatever she wants, make sure to follow through with it even if it’s something you find really boring.

6. A night in

Instead of going for a day out, try a night in. Let her pick a film and a takeaway and just chill together. Sometimes, the easiest plans are also the best!


All six of these ideas are mum suggested and 100% mum approved. It seems the easiest way to make your mum happy is lots of yummy food but the most important thing is to make time for her. Despite the fact this sounds like it belongs at the bottom of a wedding invitation, it’s definitely true: your presence is her present.

Which is your favourite Mother’s Day idea? What are you giving your mum? Leave a comment!

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