The 10 Best Middle Eastern Restaurants In London

When people think of London and food, they simultaneously envision fancy afternoon teas and traditional fish and chips. But the colourful, cultural diversity that London enjoys makes it the heart of an array of people, businesses and foods. Here is a list of dazzlingly delicious (and mostly affordable) Middle Eastern restaurants in London that you have to look out for!

1) Goukyzu and Kervan

Mmmmm. Located in Wood Green, North London, this amazing Turkish Restaurant serves the finest and most delicious, authentic Turkish cuisine you’ll ever introduce to your tastebuds. As is the case with most Middle Eastern restaurants, the portions are generously generous and you really do get more than what you pay for! Every time I stop by these restaurants, I come out feeling as stuffed as a stuffed tomato.

Moreover, the warm, Turkish atmosphere, the beautiful Middle-Eastern décor, the friendly waiters and top-notch service will keep you coming back again and again and again! Be prepared for the choice of some hot, Turkish tea and a few bites of juicy, traditional Turkish baklava at the end of every meal – completely free of charge!

2) Maroush

With branches located on a few London streets, this fine Lebanese restaurant highlights the true beauty of traditional Lebanese culture. It offers a range of deliciously exotic and authentic Lebanese dishes, and the quality of service in these restaurants is again, unmissable. The prices here aren’t super cheap nor are they super expensive, and as always, the portions served are very generous. This is definitely one of the best middle eastern restaurants in London!

3) Warda Lebanese Cuisine

Another exquisite Lebanese restaurant, this one is located in Southgate. It offers a superb range of traditional Lebanese food and the homely, Middle Eastern setting. The typical Arabic hospitality makes for a magical, dining experience.

4) Maramia Café

This gorgeous restaurant is described as serving homestyle Palestinian food in an all-day- café. When you first walk in, the stunningly colourful Arabic décor and the cosy, soft furnishings will completely mesmerise you. And the food? Well, what can I say. It’s real, homemade Palestinian cuisine which is amongst my absolute favourites from the Middle East region, and in this splendid café/restaurant I just can’t ever get enough of it. The service is impeccable, too; it’s an entirely family-run business, so you get those cosy vibes of traditional Arabic hospitality and you’ll always feel very well catered to and taken care of.

Maramia Café is said to have been the first of its kind in the UK, it’s been running for 8 years now and you can find it sitting beautifully in Golborne road in Kensington and Chelsea, Notting Hill.

5) Tabun Kitchen

Another gorgeous restaurant offering Palestinian cuisine, the food here is just…aaah. Succulence at its best and finest. Tabun Kitchen offers a delicious range of Palestinian foods from all walks of the country, including traditional meals from the historic Bethlehem and even street foods from the city of Jerusalem! Best of all, it sources Fair Trade produce of Palestine, which is awesome.

Again, the service is divine and unlike Maramia, the setting is very modern but still manages to maintain that warm, cosy and friendly feel. Visit Tabun Kitchen on Berwick street in Soho, and you will be throughly impressed and satisfied.

6) Abu Zaad

A fine Damascene restaurant that is reminiscent of the beautiful, historic city of Damascus, you can be sure to feed your culinary and cultural Middle Eastern fantasises here in Abu Zaad. The restaurant offers authentic, traditional Syrian cuisine bursting with Arabic flavours and scents. The welcoming hospitality here is also noticeable, and you’ll enjoy a fine range of mouth-watering dishes.

Located on Broadway Ealing and in Uxbridge, this is a restaurant that must be visited!

7) Hafez

This elegant Persian restaurant offers the perfect blend of ancient and modern Persian dishes. It is tucked away in Bayswater, just behind Notting Hill, and it is perfect for anyone looking to experiment with Iranian food – so be sure to visit as this is one of the best middle eastern restaurants in London!

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8) Kateh Restaurant

Go to Warwick Place if you’re looking to dine at a lavish, romantic Persian restaurant. Prices here are a bit higher than usual but the experience is completely worth it. Kateh serves a range of authentic, high quality Iranian cuisine that will keep you coming back for more. The atmosphere is very warm and relaxed, and the traditional and contemporary feel (and tastes) make it a restaurant that provides an authentic yet versatile dining experience for all.

9) Koshari Street

To me, this is a very modern take on Egyptian cuisine and I’m guessing that’s because of the restaurant’s focus on street food. It is absolutely delicious and it really makes you feel like you’re in the heart of the charming Egyptian hustle and bustle of Cairo!

Definitely one to try, and with its naturally healthy and nutritious content, you simply cannot go wrong. Stop by Koshari Street on St Martins Lane, Covent Garden.

10) Al Enam

Be sure to visit this family-run Iraqi restaurant that has been going strong (and still is) for 10 years. If you want to try out traditional Iraqi food as well as contemporary dishes, then Al Enam is one of the middle eastern restaurants in London to go for!

Visit Al Enam on School Road in North Acton – and you will not be disappointed!

Feeling hungry yet? Let us know if you try out one of these 10 best Middle Eastern restaurants in London!

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