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The Best Makeup For Dark Skin Girls And How To Embrace Your Skin Color

The Best Makeup For Dark Skin Girls And How To Embrace Your Skin Color

This is some of the best makeup for dark skin that you can find! If you have beautiful dark skin, then show it off with some of this makeup!

No other skin tone can handle pigmented colours as dark skin does. Finding makeup for dark skin can be hard. Ladies with dark skin out there have struggled for years in finding beauty and makeup products that were good for their skin. Haunting the best foundation has been a real pain for years, until brands like Fenty Beauty, Nars and LA girl pro started introducing the darkest tones too, allowing all dark skin women to find their perfect matching shades.

Foundation is only the number one of many other issues that black women face when it comes to makeup. Shopping for the essentials doesn’t come easily either. Here is a guide on the best makeup essentials and tutorials for black women and how to embrace your beautiful dark skin.

Choosing foundation for dark skin

Determining which colour matches you best can be overwhelming and time consuming, especially if your colour tone is not very common. If you’re testing foundation in person at a beauty shop, the best way is to swatch different colours from your cheek to your jawline. Bare in mind that the choice will be more accurate if you keep the colour of your chest in mind when doing so.


With black skin women, faces are typically darker than the rest of the body, as it is the most exposed to sun rays. So, when testing colours, you need to make sure that your shade matches your face and not your arm or wrist. To ensure a perfect match, it’s best to test two to three shades alongside one another. Then wait a few minutes and allow the foundation to warm up and mix with your complexion. By doing so you will be able to decide which shade looks the most natural.

Choosing the best blush

Dark skin tones look amazing in deep mauve shades like Maybelline Face Studio Master Glaze in Make a Mauve. Another great option for dark skin is a cranberry coloured blush or even bright orange. A huge mistake the black girls are used to make sometimes is, letting bright and intense colours intimidate them. Do not do that at all. Play around with fuchsia or orange, as they will emphasize your skin complexion even more. Make up brands such as Lancome, Mac and Elf offer a good range of bright coloured blushes.

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Choosing Eyeshadow colours

When it comes to choosing makeup for dark skin girls’ eyes, you can really play around colours and your dark skin tone. Any rich and intense shade will really make your eyes pop! Take the risk with tones like bright blue, yellow, purple, green and deep burgundy. These colours really stand out against your completion. Alternatively, depending on the outfit you are pulling or the event you attend, gold and bronze tones can instantly warm your skin tone and put the focus of your entire makeup on your eyes.

Play around with intense Lipstick colours

Forget about those lip balms you use because you are too intimidated by lipstick intense colours. An intense red lipstick is great on a dark skin tone. Matte shade lipsticks are also amazing in brightening up your skin, as well as the make-up you are wearing.  A few of the best brands are: “Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes in Craving Coral”, “YSL rouge pur” and “Urban Decay”.

What’s your favorite makeup for dark skin girls? Tell us in the comments!
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