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The Best Lip Colours To Try Out This Summer

The Best Lip Colours To Try Out This Summer

In the mood for sizzling hot lips this summer? Choose below from a range of some of the best lip colours. Your lips will be in full bloom and radiating all kinds of attention.

1. Crazy for Coral – Follow ‘Sexy Sienna’

Coral colour toned lipsticks can never go out of style. They are the best lip colours and the heart of summer; it’s the colour that reminds us to go down to the beach and can offer the look of indulgence. If your looking for a peachy colour try Charlotte Tilbury ‘Sexy Sienna’ this lipstick allows you to be noticed, but not too much. Possessing an understated wow factor, this shade leans towards a neutral toned lipstick. So, if you’re looking for something daring, this might not be the choice for you. If so, why not consider opting for another colour, try Charlotte Tilbury ‘ Lost Cherry’, both these colours are playful and are just enough fun for you to get in the mood for those long hot days.


2. Passion for Red- ‘Bawse’ it out

If red lipstick is your guilty pleasure and you’re not willing to try any other colours. You might want to try Smashbox ‘Bawse’ lipstick. It is the perfect lipstick for summertime and makes for one of the best lip colours. It’s a smooth matte liquid lipstick that is guaranteed to last you most of the day, so you don’t need to worry about reapplication. This lipstick allows you to keep your red colour with the added touch of a brighter look. The lipstick appears to have subtle undertones of orange, not noticeable to the naked eye and the right look for summer. Especially, as it is suited to all skin tones and make- up seems to be moving towards bolder and brighter colours.

3. Plump it up Pink- ‘As you want Victoria’

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipsticks are guaranteed to be the underdog in your lipstick collection. This make- up sports temptation on becoming your favourite lipstick. If you’re looking for a bright pink colour try  Rimmel London, ‘ As you want Victoria’ the beauty is in the formula, the texture is smooth and sits comfortably on the lips leaving them feeling tender and moist. Other lipsticks you may want to consider are ‘ Rose records’ and ‘ Back to fuchsia’. This is the product that is sold for an affordable price and has just enough glam to help you achieve that high-end look and one the best lip colours. Tongues will wag, as your friends will want to know where you got your shade.

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4. Feeling hot-  It’s ‘ Miami Fever’

If gloss is your style look no further and try Revlon ‘ Miami Fever’ this is a beautiful orange toned lipstick. The silky texture will leave your lips looking luscious and beautiful. It is one of the best lip colours, if you prefer lip balms and you don’t like wearing bold colours on your lips, then you might want to contemplate this lip colour. Your lips are sure to glisten in the summer with this zesty orange, allowing for a reserved appearance. If brighter colours are not your forte, this glossy lipstick will ease your mind and still help you stand out from the crowd.


5. Powder your lips – keeping it ‘ A Little Tamed’

Discover the soft petal look, if you’re looking for a lipstick that’s not heavy on the lips and glides on smoothly. Then check out the Mac powder lipstick range. Powder lipsticks have become a recent trend and similar to the Rimmel London lipsticks the formula for these lipsticks is luxurious. If you’re looking for a beautiful pink colour suitable for most skin tones try Mac, ‘ A Little Tamed’ this colour looks beautiful when blended and will have your lips looking flawless. This makes for one the best lip colours, as it is instantly eye-catching and sure to get you noticed.

What are some the best lip colours you would recommend for summer? Leave your comments in the comment section below?×433