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The Best Ideas For Mother’s Day Cards This Year

The Best Ideas For Mother’s Day Cards This Year

Mother’s Day is one of those strange events where the rules aren’t very clear. Birthdays are so important, as are anniversaries and Christmas, but the expectations on Mother’s Day are slightly less clear. Regardless of what convention says, you should be putting in as much as effort as possible to show your mother you value her, and that starts with choosing a Mother’s Day card. Does that mean buying a Mother’s Day Card and some rather wilted tulips from the Londis in the petrol station down the road? Not quite. Here’s a few quick suggestions on how to pick between Mother’s Day cards.

The basic one

It’s a sad fact that some people will go for the most basic of Mother’s Day cards. If you’re willing to listen to me at all, steer clear of these boring, generic cards. You know the ones I mean; an image of a pot of flowers on a cream background with ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ written unenthusiastically across the top in black lettering. Unless your mother is the most basic of all human beings, please, please, PLEASE, save us all the embarrassment and don’t pick one of these up.


The funny one

Humour is always a safe bet, no matter the relationship with your mother. Picking a card with a cartoon and a terrible pun is always a great route to go down, providing some humour that will make the whole card seem more appealing. Obviously, the type of humour is relevant; unless you’re really close with your parents, I’d avoid the sex-based witticisms. Otherwise, anything goes.

The sweet one

Genuine sentiment is always appreciated so, if you have the stomach for soppy, sentimental cards, it’s definitely a viable option to choose. These cards often have simple, rhyming poems about motherhood, a picture of some animals having a little cuddle, or little boxes of text that express how lucky you feel to have had the mother you do. Choosing a soppy card can also be funny if it’s the exact opposite relationship you have with your mother, and can actually be very endearing if you go out of your way to choose something you know you both hate. If you want to choose a sweet card like these ones, make sure you add your own little message too; there’s nothing more insulting than receiving a card that the sender has just whacked names on and called it quits without adding anything else.

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The homemade one

If you’re looking to score a healthy serving of ‘good child points’ then a homemade card is a sure-fire way to boost your position in your mother’s eyes. The best part about making your own card is that you can hit any (or even all) of the categories above. You could put something funny and personal on the front with a sweet, soppy message on in the inside. I like using photos when I make cards as it’s an especially personal touch that requires very little effort and reminds you of another nice day you would have had together. If you don’t back yourself as a creative, you can always outsource this task to or , two websites allowing you to create personalized cards. They also offer a great number of presets and will have a specific range of Mother’s Day cards so, if all else fails, let someone else carry the burden for you.


The key to good Mother’s Day cards is showing her how well you know her. Whether that’s with love, humour or a nice picture of the two of you, make her feel appreciated and seen.

What card will you be giving your mother this Mother’s Day? Do you try and combine all the elements? Or do you go down a completely different route altogether? Let us know!

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