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The Best Home Spa Treatments On A Budget

The Best Home Spa Treatments On A Budget

A trip to the spa can be pricey, so why not have a spa day at home? These home spa treatments will help save your wallet and leave you feeling fresh!

Whether you’re a university student who isn’t really rolling in cash or a new graduate looking for full-time work, doing an unpaid internship and stressing about your future, it’s hard to give your body the break that it deserves. To help, I’ve decided to put together my favourite DIY home spa treatments ideas that will have you looking healthy and happy in no time!

Make a face mask!

It’s so easy to make a natural face mask at home using things from your own kitchen. In fact, they may even work better than ones you’d find in the shops. You can try a turmeric face mask with lemon and honey. You can mix things up with a bit of yoghurt. Hell, even potatoes would give your skin the nutrients it needs. This is one of the best home spa treatments!

Soak in the Bath.

This one is great for getting rid of anxieties and stress. You can buy some bath bombs from lush or even make your own! Get some scented candles, a nice robe for after and treat yourself to a day in.


Treat your hair!

If you’ve been ignoring your hair for a while because of work and school, now’s the time to give it some of your love and attention. Deep condition it, use a hair mask or even do an oil treatment to nourish and moisturize it. I would recommend that you cover your hair and leave the products to sit in it for at least 20 minutes or more before washing them out.

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Give Your Feet Some Care!

Not a lot of people spend time on their feet, we tend to forget them because we’re so focused on taking care of other parts of the body. But why not try High Heels and Training Wheels foot soak mix that will have your feet ready for sandals this summer! All you need is some Mouthwash, Vinegar and Water and she’ll tell you the rest!


Rejuvenate Your Nails.

Getting a regular manicure is out of a lot of our budgets and so why not simply get some lemon and cucumber, slice them up and mix with cool water, then soak your hands in for ten minutes. This will dispose of your yellow nails as well as strengthen them. End your treatment by painting your nails or simply cleaning them up at home.

What are your favourite home spa treatments? Tell us in the comments!
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