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The Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

The Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

If you're thinking about going for a new hairstyle this summer and you're unsure about what will suit you best, then look no further!

It’s that time of year when people are thinking about going for a big chop or changing up their hairstyle for the summer. While experimenting can be fun, you may be wondering what hairstyle will suit your face best. That’s why I’ve created a list of the best hairstyles for your face shape!


Oval face shapes are often seen as the ‘best’, as they are perfectly proportioned, and the most standardised of all face shapes. Because this face shape is so well balanced, people with an oval face shape can often get away with a variety of hairstyles. The celebrity archetype for an oval face shape is Megan Fox. In terms of hairstyles, a middle ground may be the best option for an oval face – a shoulder-length hairstyle or blunt bob would be very flattering.


Round face shapes are often seen as cute. Celebrities such as singer Selena Gomez and supermodel Miranda Kerr, have made this face shape desirable in recent years. They feature round or ‘chubby’ cheeks and a similar length and width, which results in a round shape. As round faces can lack shape and definition, it is important to opt for hairstyles that add definition to the face. Select a hairstyle that adds height to the top of your head and density towards the bottom of your hair, such as loose curls. This balance out the face and give the illusion of a more oval shape. For round faces, it is best to avoid certain hairstyles such as a full fringe, as this hairstyle can accentuate the roundness.



Square shaped faces are often considered perfectly model-esque, due to their androgynous appearance and angular nature. Square faces are defined by a wide forehead, chiselled cheekbones and a strong jawline. Olivia Wilde is the beautiful face of this dynamic face shape. The trick to nailing the perfect hairstyle for this face shape is softening the strong features. Long layers and long hair with no layers would also be ideal, to soften the jawline.


Heart shaped faces feature wide foreheads, chiselled cheekbones and narrow jawlines and chin. Think Marilyn Monroe or Reese Witherspoon! The philosophy for this face shape is minimising the appearance of the prominent forehead in order to create balance. While contouring can do the trick (just as Marilyn Monroe did!), so can a fringe! Take Reese Witherspoon – she’s always sporting a pretty side-swept fringe, which allows her forehead to appear more petite.

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The best hairstyle for this face shape is something that shortens the face, giving a more oval appearance. A bob is the perfect …. for this, as the shortness of the hair creates the illusion of a shorter face. Avoid long hairstyles for this face shape, as they can drag down the face and add to the length. Think of Sarah Jessica Parker’s bob versus her long hair. The bob suited her face perfectly, giving her the appearance of a balanced, oval face.


Celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens and Halle Berry sport this face shape. It is an angular, yet soft face shape, featuring a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones, and a narrow chin, giving the appearance of a diamond shape. Individuals with this face shape can go one of two ways with their hairstyle; they can either choose to showcase their chiselled cheekbones or create more balance in their features, depending on their preference. A Halle Berry styled pixie cut is perfect for flaunting this unique face shape, while a choppy cut and side-swept fringe can help to camouflage the imbalance.

What hairstyle are you going to try next? Tell us in the comments!

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