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The 5 Best Hair Curlers For Loose Curls

The 5 Best Hair Curlers For Loose Curls

These are the best hair curlers for loose curls so that you don't have to worry about tight knit curly-q's again! Let's face it, ringlets are out of style, yet so many curing irons are for them! These curling wands are perfect for waves and loose styles!

Who doesn’t love some loose curls? It’s a look that can be rocked from the season of autumn under a beanie, up until summer where you can wear them under a beach hat with a cocktail in your hand. This is the guide to the best hair curlers for loose curls that can be worn with anything!

1) Babyliss Diamond Waves

This wand consists of a spiral with grooves of different sizes meaning some curls form bigger and others smaller allowing a unique look due to the fact that no curl is identical to the other. That being said the barrel on this hair curler allows a great loose curl look to be achieved. The wand heats up to 210 degrees, so it will work on most hair types.


2) T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand

Not only does this wand come with one wand, it comes with three interchangeable wands depending on how curly you want your curls. It comes with a tapered barrel, medium barrel and a large barrel. It creates soft and silky loose curls; however, you may need to stock up on hairspray due to how loose the curls are. It is the perfect beach look.
210 degrees is its maximum heat setting.

3) Remington Curl Revolution Curling Tong

This curler has a rotating barrel which allows it to create a soft curl look for the best looking loose curls. This hair curler works by straightening and then a rotating barrel curls the hair as it goes through the heat plates. It works in the same way as curling your hair with straighteners. It has an adjustable temperature dial which goes up to 230 degrees, so heat defence spray is essential.


4) ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong

The barrel on this tong is ceramic therefore not only one of the best hair curlers for loose curls, but shiny and smooth curls! It also has a cool tip to help you avoid burning your fingers as you create your look. It creates a soft wave throughout the hair, a great look if you’re on holiday enjoying the sunshine.

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5) ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand

Much like the ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong this too has a ceramic coating, it heats up to 185 degrees. The barrel on this wand is thicker at the top and thinner on the bottom, so you get a larger loose curl on the top and a smaller loose curl at the bottom. It is great for a more defined loose curl look.


Would you get one of these best hair curlers for loose curls? Let us know in the comment section below!

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