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The Best Gym Songs To Keep You Motivated Throughout Your Workout

The Best Gym Songs To Keep You Motivated Throughout Your Workout

If you are looking for some ways to keep yourself energized during your workout, check out this list of the best gym songs to keep you motivated!
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The Gym. We’ve all been there, at least once. Possibly only once. The swarm of activity around you, multiplied by the uncompromising mirrors. There’s nowhere to hide now. Everything hurts. The tension in your muscles and pressure on your lungs is unsustainable. Idealised images of self push you forward but only so far. ‘It’s too hard…’ you think to yourself. ‘ Well guess what?With these tunes you may be able to go for longer than seven minutes on the treadmill. With a mix of aggy hip-hop, soulful inspiration and tailor made lyricism – here are some of the best gym songs to keep you motivated!

1. We The People – A Tribe Called Quest

If this tune doesn’t make you want to march on Washington, at least it might make you turn up the running machine a few settings. Thumping hype to pound some tarmac, lift some iron or jam out. Listen. This is seriously one of the best gym songs to keep you motivated!

2. He’s the Greatest Dancer – Sister Sledge

A rolling symphony that’s sure to inject some energy into your workout/dancefloor. One time the Sisters came on shuffle and took me off guard to such an extent, that I had to get off the running machine and sweat it out with a ferocious gym mirror two-step. I haven’t looked as focused or felt so good since.


3. The Way Things Change – Yellow Days

This groovy aperture into the tested mind dealing with change fits nicely into the workout regime of a rookie. The raw and soulful message to ‘keep going, you have to keep going’, really gives you that extra push; when you think your hearts going to explode or your going to s**t yourself at the gym.

4. Pick Up – DJ Koze

This 6 minute thumper kicks like a muel, which may be exactly the kick up the ass you need in your workout.

5. Norf Norf – Vince Staples

Long Beach rapper, Vince Staples stresses the true story of gangster life in California; stripping the narrative of it’s glamorized clichés. On ‘Norf Norf’ he muses ‘I ain’t never ran from nothing but the police’, which probably can’t be a sentiment you relate to. However a cracking track to run away from the fat mess you fear you’ll become.


6. Reborn – Kids See Ghosts

With the much-anticipated reunion between Kanye West and Kid Cudi – we have been blessed with not just a return to form for West but a seriously motivating workout song in ‘Reborn’. With a bass heavy, extended trap outro doused in chopped messaging from Cudi to ‘keep moving forward’ – this track is dope to keep you going when your on the edge.

7. ASAP Forever Remix – ASAP Rocky, Moby, TI, Kid Cudi

ASAP Rocky is famed for his no-holds-barred approach for seeking out premium samples and in Moby he’s found an inspirational body of work to rap on. This cut should have you jacked up in no time. This is definitely one of the best gym songs to keep you motivated!

8. November – Tyler The Creator

This rolling beat should get your feet moving in no time, as Tyler reflects over his anxieties and ambition. This is a jamming track to get an INTENSE burn to.


9. I Heard a Sigh – Cortex

This vastly under-commended French Jazz collective are jam-packed full of tasty grooves and tunes. Nothing better than those rolling keys and slapfunk bass line to motivate you at the end of a workout. Big Squat thrust for Cortex!


10. Follow Me -Red Astaire

Soulfully underpinned by the un-compromising soul of D’Angelo’s Left & Right, this track has a xylophone groove to drive you forward when you think you can go no more. If you want a body like 1990’s D’Angelo – then whack this on and keep moving.

11. Eminence Front – The Who

A track as well suited to driving down a sporadically lit motorway at night as it is to cross-training yourself into a floppy pile of skin, sweat and post-workout satisfaction. Ooo that felt good.

12. Didn’t I – Darondo, Dave Allison Rework

With soulful vocals and jangly riffage, this tune should push you for that extra 5:28 that your workout needs. Pure ecstasy finishing a run to this.


13. Renegades of Funk -Rage Against The Machine

Let it all out now. The funk, the anger, the calories you unreasonably gifted yourself with that blueberry muffin. You conformist, muffin eating, skin sack. Plug in and run like your freedom depends on it.


What do you think of these best gym songs to keep you motivated? Let us know in the comments below!

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