The Best Greek Food In Glasgow You Need To Go Out And Grab Right Now

If you're looking for some really great Greek food in Glasgow then we have the answers you're looking for in the contents of this list!

Greek cuisine goes far beyond the popular street-food style gyros, and Glasgow just happens to be the host to an array of deliciously authentic Greek restaurants! If the words feta, tzatziki and moussaka mean anything to you, this guide of the best Greek food in Glasgow will most certainly be of use. Never tried Greek food? Then you’ve got some serious catching up to do, and why not start with going out and grabbing some of these recommendations now, all of which happen to be vegetarian friendly too – bonus! These 5 restaurants with have your taste-buds fantasising about life on the Greek Islands, and the drinks menu won’t go a miss either…


Mezzidakia is located in the centre of Glasgow on St Vincent Street and serves a huge range of food, all inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean, such as Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, and Moroccan! This is the perfect place to share small mezze dishes between a group of people, with all the Greek favourites such as keftedes (traditional greek meatballs), feta saganaki (greek feta in filo pastry) and chicken souvlaki (grilled chicken skewers). The interior wooden design of the restaurant and hanging chandeliers are sure to make an impression before you’ve even tasted the food. You can have all this served to the soundtrack of a disco playlist, accompanied by a bottle of Greek beer Mythos – cheers!


Halloumi is another Mezze restaurant on Glasgow’s Hope Street, offering a menu consisting of a balance of Greek and Cypriot delicacies, with the accompanying slogan “Big flavours, small plates” – what’s not to love? The restaurant offers a great variety of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes as well as all the usual suspects – I recommend the spanakopita (filo pastry with a spinach and goats cheese filling), the dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) and finally the halloumi fries – they are DIVINE! A great place to go with a large group of friends or family for a special occasion!



With a hugely extensive menu, Elia offers a meal which goes beyond the mezze style dining experience, with all dishes ranging from meat, seafood and vegetarian. For vegetarians I would recommend maybe just getting a few of the starters which are similar to those of Halloumi and Mezzidakia, as the main courses are particularly meat-heavy. Meat lovers, you can choose from a wide selection of classics such as beef stifado (beef stew), lamb kleftico (lamb on the bone) and soufrito (beef medallions). Enjoy with a glass of Greek wine or a Cypriot Keo beer!


A family-run business, Yiamas is a small and authentic Greek Taverna on Bath Street in Glasgow’s city centre. Yiamas, literally meaning cheers, also follows a mezze-style method of service, ranging from kalamaria (deep-fried squid) and loukania (greek sausage), to the classic gyros with pork. For vegetarians I recommend the kolokithokeftedes (feta and courgette cakes) and the saganaki kefalograviera (fried kefalograviera cheese). Fried cheese should really be a thing in every country, but for now I’m more than happy to settle for the greek-style! This is some of the best Greek food in Glasgow!

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Described as a “modern gourmet kebab house”, ‘Babs offers drool-worthy Greek and Turkish-style street food dishes in the hub of Glasgow’s city centre. Think your standard kebab shop menu – shish, shawarma and doner – , but with a stylish and almost up-market feel to it!

The menu does however offer more than just your classic meat kebabs, with cold and hot mezze dishes as well as nibbles to accompany the main event. For vegetarians there are a selection of cheese and vegetable based skewers which come accompanied with sauces and pita. The traditional blue and white décor will have you dreaming of Mykonos in no time…

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