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The Best Gifts In The Oscars Goodie Bag

The Best Gifts In The Oscars Goodie Bag

Sure, the Oscars are over with. But did you know every celeb that goes get's an Oscars goodie bag filled with gifts? I know. These are the best gifts the academy gives to those nominees who attend their red carpet event!

The Oscars might be over and done with, but that doesn’t mean the celebs who got to go aren’t still enjoying it. Each and every nominee got given a goodie bag full to the brim of ridiculously good (and ridiculously expensive) treats. Here’s the best Oscars goodie bag $100,000 gifts:

Trip To Hawaii

If they fancy it, the celebs can jet to the Koloa Landing Resort in Hawaii for a week-long stay, all on the Oscars tab. It’s mega fancy, with a beach connected to it, and 5-star service to wait on you hand and foot. After all, awards season must be pretty exhausting.

2.  Trip To Tanzania

A twelve-night stay in one of the top ten hotels in the world was also on offer for the talented bunch. It is situated amongst national parks for the ultimate adventure if the celeb wanted to get back to nature after endless ceremonies and ball gowns.


3. Villa Stay in Greece

If private is more their style, they could jet to Greece and stay in a luxury villa all to themselves. And their personal chef of course. The even get to use a yacht or helicopter (yes, they get to choose) to see the rest of the island.

4.  Spa Stay

For those who prefer massages, skin treatment and hours in a sauna to relax and detox, the Oscars has them covered too. The Golden Door Spa will host nominees for a week for free, but it usually costs $8,850.

5. Year’s Supply of Healing Saints Products

As if celebrities weren’t all beautiful enough as it is, they can bag serums and hair treatments alike completely free to make them even prettier. The value of the bundle is estimated to be $2316, so it saves them a small fortune too.

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6. Charitable Donations

Pets were even kept in mind in these bags, with a donation of 10,000 bowls of food to an animal care shelter of their choice by company Halo. Food for puppies! This we can get on board with and is the one thing we can’t really be jealous of.

Other gifts included were lifetime supplies of a foundation, levitating speakers, and personal training sessions. Hopefully, we’ll be invited next year.


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