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The Best Gifts For A 21st When You Are On A Budget

As Beyoncé said “At fourteen they asked me what i wanna be, I said “baby twenty one, so I’d get me a drink”… words of wisdom.

We all count down the days to the big two-one, finally becoming an ‘adult’ officially. But for your friends and family, the pressures of getting something worthy and memorable are becoming more and more unreachable (sigh).

Obviously, if your friend expects something pricy and flashy then they’re probably not ‘best friend material’ but with that in mind, what can you get for your friend or partner for arguably the most important birthday of their lives (no pressure). Here’s some of The Best Gifts For A 21st When You Are On A Budget.

The Book Of Everyone

This personalised book shows you care without having to break the bank. With facts and ‘did- you-knows’ accompanied with illustrations related to their birth date it’s a treasured gift they’ll keep for life.

You can be sure no one else will have thought of this. Originality is key.

Personalised Your Life in Pictures Book

If you wanna take the ‘let’s get personal’ a step further, then a picture book is the solution. Mapping out your best friends life with moments shared together throughout your friendship will definitely make them cry. (Am I the only one that prays they’ll cry).

101 Hangover Recipes

After a (hopefully) boozy, messy 21st celebration this list will (quite literally) save your life. Whether you seek advice from professionally published books (there are loads online) or accumulate a list of your own ideas that you’ve mastered throughout the years, this is both hilarious and a keep-sake (lol).

Segway Thrill

It’s harder than you’d expect. But also way funnier too. If you and your pal like getting out and doing stuff, creating memories instead of buying something physical, then a Segway tour is something you can do without having to spend loads.

It also makes for hilarious photos. No one looks good in those helmets. No one.

Silver Charm Bracelet

Don’t want to be obvious but jewellery can never fail you. Ever. Something small and subtle, but that they’ll treasure and wear daily, will do the job. Independent, unique stores with keep-sake jewellery that isn’t OTT in the price range is perfect when you’re on a budget. (I’m thinking Etsy. Obviously)

Jewellery Box

Doesn’t sound like an obvious shout, I know. Why not just get them the actual jewellery? Knowing their taste and what they like can sometimes be a tricky one. A jewellery box is something a lot of young girls don’t think to buy themselves, but once they have one, will keep it for years.

See Also

It’s also something they probably won’t expect (and didn’t know they needed).

Personalised Prosecco

Nothing says ‘congratulations for making it this far’ like a bottle of Prosecco! And why not personalise it, makes for a pretty flower vase for years to come.

It’s also classy af. (maybe not when you’re sprawled across the bathroom floor at 3am, but the right intention was there).

Scratch Map

Another keep-sake for your friend to scratch off all the places you’ve travelled together. It’s also the perfect incentive to go travelling (although goes against the whole ‘budget’ thing, oops).

It’s the perfect wall poster to spruce up any bedroom for both boys and girls.

21st Birthday’s are hard to get right sometimes. It seems like everything has been done, and being original is SO hard. No one wants to have to spend loads on a gift they may not like or use, so getting something small and sentimental should be the way forward.

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Abby Oldroyd

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