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The Best Gel Nail Polish Brands For Salon Worthy Nails

The Best Gel Nail Polish Brands For Salon Worthy Nails

These are the best gel nail polish brands that will have your nails looking professional! Some require a UV light and some don't! However, they all have one thing in common and it's that your nails will look amazing!

Everything about a gel nail manicure is great… apart from the price tag. Painting your nails at home is a much more cost-effective solution that leaves you looking fabulous. To get you started, here are the 5 best gel nail polish brands in the UK, each with a starter kit. You’ll have salon-worthy nails in no time!

Nail Harmony UK, Gelish Starter Kit

Gelish by Harmony was the first ever gel polish brand and it’s still going strong. Results last 3 weeks and there’s a wide range of colours to choose from. The downside of Gelish is that it’s a salon brand, so expect a markup when you buy from retailers. You can buy the complete starter kit.

Mylee, Bluesky Starter Kit

The Bluesky’s biggest plus is that it has a full-size lamp so that you can set all five fingers at once — a great time-saver. There is a very wide colour range to choose from and results last 2 weeks. Astonishingly good value for the price, the Bluesky starter kit is available on Amazon.


M&S, Gel Polish Starter Kit

For those looking for a well made affordable option, M&S sell their own brand gel polish starter kit, with all the bells and whistles. Their range of polish colours are limited, but the UV lamp itself is good quality and cheaper than its salon competitors.




Leighton Denny, Top That! Gel System

The wild card of this list, Leighton Denny’s Top That Gel System is a hybrid system. You paint on ordinary nail polish and seal it in with a top coat of gel — aonsiderable investment, in that it saves you having to replace your entire nail collection. Results can last up to 2 weeks, but start to chip after a week unless the nails are thoroughly sealed.


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John Lewis, Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Starter Kit

The RCM starter kit is a solid choice and fairly priced. The formula starts to chip after the 2 week mark. Perhaps the biggest plus here is the truly amazing range of colours available; check out the RCM website and prepare to have your mind blown!

Are you willing to try out any of these best gel nail polish brands? Let us know in the comment section below!

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