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The Best Fitness YouTube Accounts To Follow For Ultimate Gymspiration

The Best Fitness YouTube Accounts To Follow For Ultimate Gymspiration

Are you looking for some gymspiration but don't know where to start? Check out the best fitness YouTube accounts where you will find your inspo!

Youtube has made working out and going to the gym easier than ever. It’s an online community of support, exercise videos as well as tips and tricks for what to eat and how to workout. Are you struggling to find the motivation to get to the gym and work on that summer body? We have found the best fitness YouTube accounts to follow so that you never lack any gymspiration.

1. Whitney Simmons

“It’s a beautiful day to be alive!” Whitney Simmons has over 1.1 million followers on YouTube. She is also an international brand ambassador for Gymshark, a UK-based activewear brand. Unlike many other Youtube fitness gurus, Whitney’s videos focus on her inspirational fitness routines and healthy lifestyle, rather than endless product reviews. Her positive energy will make you want to be more healthy and get yourself to the gym.

2. Nikki Blackketter

Nikki Blackketter is a LA-based Youtuber and good friends with Whitney Simmons – they occasionally make appearances in each other’s videos. Nikki is also super fun and honest, which makes watching her videos feel as if you know her really well. Other than exercising, Nikki loves her cat, Maximus, and all things technology. This is definitely one of the best fitness YouTube accounts!


3. Grace Fit UK

Grace Fit is based in the UK and balances her fitness with going to university at Oxford. She is super honest, real and open and often shows in her videos how she balances being at school, working out and her life as a fitness Youtuber. She has a guide for you to follow at home as well as an online community so you stay motivated and can complete the guide with other like-minded gals. On her channel, she also shares a lot of ways how to live healthily on a budget (especially handy as a student!) Those abs will be enough gymspiration!!

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4. Zanna Van Dijk

Zanna Van Dijk is a Youtuber based in London. She’s a personal trainer and vlogs about different topics including fitness, food, travel, sustainability, and mindfulness. She is particularly passionate about empowering other women as one of the co-founders of the successful #girlgains online movement, which brings together women from all over the world to celebrate their strength. She is also the first female UK Adidas Global Ambassador.

5. Robin Gallant

A fitness Youtuber originally from Birmingham, Robin’s goal is to empower other women to become body- and self-confident, and to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. She shares her own personal journey online on Instagram and YouTube, hoping to inspire & give back by sharing knowledge. If you’re looking to build strength in your legs, you might be interested in Robin’s Glute Hypertrophy program – a full-body program that emphasizes on building the glutes, hamstrings and delts.

What do you think are the best fitness YouTube accounts? Let us know in the comments below!

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