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The Best Facial Mists You Can Actually Afford

The Best Facial Mists You Can Actually Afford

These are the best facial mists on the market right now that you can actually afford! They'll have your skin looking beautiful!

Facial Mists have been a massive craze in the last year. For many people they have become a vital step in their everyday beauty routine. They can be used to either set your makeup or refresh your face as part of your  daily skin care. Unfortunately, some of the most well loved also come with a hefty price tag. (We just want refreshed hydrated skin, is that too much to ask?) If you are yet to try this hot trend, Summer is the perfect time to try them out, as our skin is sure to enjoy the cool mist in  this unusual hit of heat. Here are the best facial mists you can actually afford, read on to find out more!

A drugstore favourite: The Hyaluronic Acid craze

Hyaluronic Acid is a beauty buzz word we see appear on a lot of product nowadays. But what does it actually mean? Superdrug have brought to us ; Hydrated hyaluronic acid spritz that is meant to moisturise the skin deep down. This affordable product is only £7  and yet can often be found on promotion . It was voted Reveals 2016 beauty winner. This skin care essential is perfect for on the go to refresh makeup, or tired skin for a perfect look. Using this product should help you notice a healthy glow, whilst relaxing sensitive skin. What’s not to love? This is one of the best facial mists!

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The very best vegan facial spritz:

The Body Shop has decided to jump onto the facial spritz trend by bringing out an impressive five different Spritz. The range comes in Mint, mandarin, strawberry, coco and rose. They all deliver a different skin care promise, so you can be sure to find something that works perfectly for you, not to mention they smell amazing. In particular , I love the Mint mattifying spritz which is enriched with community trade organic Aloe Vera from Mexico. Now you can spritz away, knowing your purchase has helped a positive movement. On top of that, these £6 wonders are perfect for the heat waves the UK are having at the moment.  This small bottle of wonder is perfect to mattify and control oil, with or without makeup. They are suitable for all skin types and did I mention they are a hundred percent vegan?

The up and coming brand:

With skin care products being in ever-rising demand, more and more brands are growing in popularity. In particular, Mario Badescu has been a highly talked about brand. In particular the face spritz’s have been a massively talked about product in the online beauty community. The facial spray with Aloe, chamomile and lavender all help to calm and relax the skin.  This mist is perfect for all skin types and is a boost of hydration for a made up, or natural bare face. The formula is infused with vitamin C which is perfect for spot or acne prone skin, to calm and comfort the complexion. I’ll take ten please! This is definitely one of the best facial mists.

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The toner that comes as a mist: hot new product invention

The Pixi vitamin wakeup mist is a revolutionary product. It is popular to see a facial spritz to set makeup, or to refresh skin but never one that is a toner. This skin boosting toner is designed to awaken your skin first thing in the morning. This  clever toner is an effortless way to add another must have skin care step into your routine whilst on the go. The formula contains Orange Blossom water that melts into a blend of citrus fruit. The cooling mist revitalises and energises. Anything that combines our skincare routine into one product is a must have.

What do you think are some of the best facial mists? Let us know in the comments below!
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